What is s suggest app

what is s suggest app

Samsung Abandons “S Suggest” Creating Security Vulnerability for Millions

Apr 17,  · Samsung S Suggest If you don’t know what applications to install on your Samsung galaxy Note 2, or you don’t know what applications are compatible with your . Jan 07,  · S Suggest is a Samsung application/widget that provides you with recommended popular applications that are guaranteed to be compatible with your device. You need to have Internet connection in your device in order to avail the facility of this amazing application. (S Suggest).

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Nov 19,  · S Suggest for Samsung devices is an engaging app discovery tool for both first time owners and seasoned users looking for fresh relevant apps. The S Suggest intelligent recommendation engine recommends apps based on user profile and algorithm across multiple data points to feature relevant apps for you/5(K). This apps called S Suggest. This of course will help you to save your time, due to you don't need to spending lots of time to sorting through of thousand of apps in Play Store. How to use S Suggest? Below are the steps you need to do to use S Suggest on your phone: Go .

S Suggest is an app and widget for Android that recommends other apps that Samsung had preinstalled on most of its phones — including flagship devices like the Galaxy S III — between and After failing to gain popularity, Samsung shut down the service in and later let the ssuggest. Anyone could notice that ssuggest. The most dangerous of them was the ability to install apps and packages. There would have been plenty of other ways to use the ssuggest.

Gouveia recorded connections from more than 2. So while Samsung is finished with its S Suggest service, millions of users are still using phones that came with the app pre-installed.

Thanks to Gouveia no harm has been done but this vulnerability highlights the role that manufacturers have in keeping devices secure. Because Android is easy and affordable to license there are literally hundreds of choices that offer nearly identical features.

Samsung, like many other major brands, creates additional and often proprietary features that can be unique selling points for its phones.

In order to spur adoption these apps usually come pre-installed and may be turned on by default. When they fail — as Samsung has with S Suggest — manufacturers are quick to abandon their software.

They want to have their cake and eat it too — by pushing their proprietary software and then leaving the users with the risk of abandoned apps and unmaintained software. This is not the first time that Samsung has prioritized marketing new features over security. Their Tizen operating system — intended to compete with Android — was heavily criticized earlier this year for its poor programming. Samsung is not the only company guilty of foisting unwanted software on its users or abandoning apps.

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