How to make web page load faster

how to make web page load faster

How to Make Website Faster by 720% + 100% PageSpeed Score

Jul 14, 6 Ways to Make Web Pages Load Faster 1. Optimize Your Images. If the size of the image files is larger, then the website will take more time to load. In 2. Use a Mobile-Optimized Theme. It is normal that beginners used to give importance to the appearance of Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. From my experience: (1) Install YSlow and Page Speed extensions for Firefox and follow their advice where possible. (2) Very important: configure HTTP caching for directories where you keep your images, JS and CSS files. I just put them (3) Take the CSS code from HTML file and put it into a.

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Just code changes to make it load faster. Also, reduce the size of any images, if you can. I didn't notice any rollover images, but if you have them, consider CSS sprites. I just put them in a directory named static and put there this. Then it will be useful to compress this file using JSMin. Considering that there is no load time involved with HTML and CSS other than downloading itif you're not willing to consider moving it to external files or using a server-side solution such as compression, then there isn't anything you can do except shrink the actual code size.

How to say cheeseburger in french really, that's not going to make much difference to your pages. In terms of your Javascript Unfortunately, I can't take an hour out of my day to profile it all for you. Stack Overflow isn't for free work Externalize JS and CSS declarations instead of including them inline - that would be the obvious one. That way users can download them once and use them from their cache later on.

You're loading some JS libraries and whenever the render engine hits a tag, the browser halts and starts executing it and everyone sits and waits until your hefty JavaScript library finishes loading. Read this article: non-blocking JavaScript documents and apply it to your website. Also pave how to make web page load faster JavaScript in your webpage and load them in an unblocking way at the end of your daster.

All your JS will be executing while the users optic neurons are transmitting the first visuals of the page and trying to figure out where to click. That's called perceived performance btw. Most "really big" sites use that or similars, including Stackoverflow.

Your fade effect code is trying to set an invalid color ffff Why are fasfer not using jQuery. Don't load all of the data for the alternate tabs until the use actually clicks them. Just grab the counts for the tab text and load the data should the user want to look at the other options. I didn't find the grabble map feature useful. It's very snazzy, but it arrests my attention and the home listings produced by it never got my attention.

I would have preferred a more conventional search feature, maybe expanding from the input search feature. There's gotta be faster loads without it. I'd suggest downloading Safari and using their awesome Dev tools and pretty interface to see exactly what is taking so long, and what you can do to speed it up. Stack Overflow for Teams Collaborate and share knowledge with a private group.

Create a free Team What is Teams? Learn more. How can I make my web page load faster? Ask Question. Asked 11 years, 8 months ago. Active 6 years, 4 months ago. Viewed 2k times. Improve this question. Calling what is liquid glucose substitute a ninja makes me really not want to help you. Oh man, I do so want to grovel to work for loav for free TimJK - I suggest you ask those girls to help you with page optimization and save some money then ChssPly76 Aug 18 '09 at Show 4 more comments.

Active Oldest Votes. Improve this answer. Matt Laod Matt Grande This depends. If the use case is an empty cache, lad is actually faster.

In most cases, users are going to go to more than one page on your site. This way, it's all cached up. Sprites are not just about rollovers images.

You can always merge all your images and benefit from the speed improvement. What e-satis says is right. They're just mostly applied to rollovers, I believe? I use sprites for everything, not just "rollovers".

If you use images, figure out a way to efficiently sprite them. Add a comment. Alex Martelli Alex Martelli k gold badges silver badges bronze badges. Steve Souders is an expert on this, having done it professionally for Yahoo and Google. He's the guy who made YSlow for Firebug. Yep, I occasionally have the good luck of working at his side and he's truly amazing, both in his technical skill and his obsessive dedication to improving user experience by reducing how to make web page load faster Good point, let's assume an empty cache.

I've updated the original post TimJK Aug 18 '09 at Must you copy and paste your comment? That's true but most people I know usually don't clean their cache, so when they come back to the site to check out the latest postings, it might be to their advantage to load from cache. If the CSS declarations are combined into fastef huge file and likewise for JS to minimize server requestsit should be reasonable. Serve gzipped content to browsers that will accept it.

Pat Pat Mehmet Duran Mehmet Duran 3 3 silver badges 5 5 bronze badges. Havenard Havenard Apart from the suggestions above: Do not mke CSS expressions. Jeff Atwood Chetan S Chetan S The suggestion about CSS expressions reminded me Install YSlow for Firefox, and that should give you some good suggestions. Jay Jay 2, loadd 1 gold badge 26 26 silver badges 51 51 bronze badges. Images: Photoshop can optimize your wfb to be saved for the web. This reduces a HUGE amount of space. Scripts: Less loops, more optimised solutions, etc.

These are tips for ANY webpage optimisation. Wdb Francis Salvin Francis 3, 4 4 gold badges 32 32 silver badges 43 43 bronze badges. If you're using JQuery, don't forget to use Google's hosted versions!! Sneakyness Sneakyness 5, 4 4 gold badges 30 30 silver badges 39 39 bronze badges. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Email Required, but never shown.

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Speed Performance Results (Before and After)

I have a long-form post with lots of texts and images. After I run the image optimization for all my images and turn on images lazy loading, here are the results:. As per GTmetrix, the fully loaded time reduced from 4. Also, the total page size GTmetrix dropped from 2. Note: Pingdom will still measure the total file size even after lazy load, so from this point onward just ignore its file size metric. Due to lighter size and fewer requests, the load time and speed performance scores also improved significantly.

Caching is one of the effective and easy ways to achieve a significant speed improvement for your website. In a nutshell, caching will create a static version of your dynamic page on the first load or pre-load and serve it to the subsequent users. Caution: Make sure you backup your website before using the cache plugin, as it has a slight chance to cause your website down. Page Cache Only enable the following :. Browser Cache Only enable the following :.

Alternatively, you can just download my configuration file in zip file , unzip it, and import it to your W3 Total Cache. The fully loaded time decreased from 2. As per Pingdom, the load time dropped from 1. Sign up a free account with Cloudflare. Takeaway 3: CDN does not necessarily make your website faster. To improve the speed performance of my website further, I use the Waterflow diagram from GTmetrix to figure out the elements that can be further improved.

For Sassy social shares, the long load time is because for the plugin to display the latest share counts, it needs to send AJAX requests to the server to fetch shares. That means, just stick back to my best W3 Total Cache settings above, and use Cloudflare as a CDN for the best speed performance result. But for most bloggers or webmasters that are just starting or running a few small to medium websites, those expensive setups are just overkill, and you are wasting your valuable money.

To get a fast loading website, all you need is the right tools and the right speed optimization methods. Talking about the website load time, the lower is better but not always the best , sometimes you need to gauge between functionality and speed. For a website, the speed is very important but is not everything, there are still other important elements that you should not compromise. Nonetheless, you should always aim for the fastest speed by optimizing your website without sacrificing important functionalities.

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