How to make a bottlecap keychain

how to make a bottlecap keychain

Bottle Cap Key Chain

Oct 25, †∑ DIY Bottle Cap Keychain. Making keychains from old trashed bottle caps is a fun craft idea. Itís simple and can be made with kids too. Just add a picture, quote, or cause you support in the middle of the bottle cap and make a cool keychain for your keys!Estimated Reading Time: 50 secs. 5 Easy Steps to Creating Your Own DIY Bottle Cap Keychains: 1. Punch out the circles!. Using the round circle cutter, punch out several 1-inch circles. Make more than you think 2. Color, design, and decorate!. Here comes the fun part! Hand out a few blank circles to each of your kids. Let them Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins.

Bottle Cap Crafts have become a very interesting idea these days. Making keychains from old trashed bottle caps is a fun craft idea. Just add a picture, quote, or cause you support in the middle of the bottle cap and make a cool keychain for your keys!

If you collect bottle caps, then its time to recycle them and make some nice usable keychains. You can choose from the various designs of your choice. In this tutorial, a what are some common uses of sketching pattern is chosen and the step-by-step instructions show how to make this amazing keychain!

The video tutorial explains well how to make it! Explore some interesting ways to use your old bottle caps to make unique keychains! In this tutorial beer bottle caps and shamrock is used! Using your wasted bottle caps into a creative handmade project can be amazing for kids. Your email address will not be published.

Make Cute Bottle Cap Keychains. Make Vintage Keychains from Bottle Caps. Unique Keychain Ideas from Bottle Cap. Leave a comment Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Follow Us On.


Start at the back of the bottle cap, under the ridge, and drill all the way through. You will have to use some pressure. Slip a jump ring through the hole and close it with the craft pliers. Make a chain of jump rings as long as you like and attach it to the jump ring you put through the bottle funlovestory.comted Reading Time: 2 mins. To begin attaching, you'll need to use your Chain Nose Pliers and your Bent Nose Pliers. Grip the ring with both pliers, one on each side of the opening. Hold one plier in place, then bring the other one towards you to open. Resist the temptation to "pull" them apart - it will weaken the pin and you'll never get it rounded funlovestory.comted Reading Time: 8 mins. Sep 21, †∑ How to Video using the Bottle Cap kit from the Project

These are so amazing! I've never seen them with beads before. I love it! I can't wait to try this! Thanks for sharing! Love them! I have been searching hard to find really cute Cub Scout themed 1" bottle cap printables and I have been really disappointed in what little I have seen.

I want to use them with either the bottle caps or with 1" clear glass stones to make neckerchief slides. If you ever decide to create some for the boys, I would jump at the chance to buy them! Thank you! I am a novice for sure and have bee trying to figure out how you did these. You are awesome! Love, Love, Love these! Your tutorial makes it look easy, you've given lots of pictures to help us that need to see something vs reading it! I would like to try making the beaded bottle cap keychain, however I do not know what type of glue is suitable to be used.

Can you recommend me some of the suitable glues to use? The type of glue ó when you want to stick the printable onto the glass cabochons I recently bought the E glue, is this suitable to be used to stick the printable onto the glass cabochons? Or would it make the printables look blurry? I cannot wait to hear from you!

Thank you for sharing these tutorials! I really love them. Thank you for your time! Hi, Jessica I've never used it for cabochons, but would suspect it would be an ideal glue for that as well.

I also use the Epoxy Stickers from Fizzy Pops instead of glass domes If I had known much earlier that glass cabochons and epoxy stickers are different, I would not have bought the glass cabochons.

I have a few glass cabochons now, do you think it is advisable to use the E glue? I am afraid that it might make the picture look blurry! Thank you!! Do those epoxy stickers work well? I have read mixed reviews, about them popping off, or not being the correct size. I wonder if plain old epoxy would be better? I love these bottle cap keychains. I xan not wait to start esigning my own! Thxs Erin. Hi, Erin Hi Collette I did c the ones on your Web site I will b ordering from u within a few weeks!!

Is there any other websites I can order the designs at or even buy some at stores? I downloaded the trial version of Scrapbook Max, but cannot figure out how to make the designs gor bottle caps. Is the full version of the software needed to make these designs? Your pieces are lovely. Hi, Ann Actually, the trial version and the full version are the same only the trial version watermarks all of the images so it's only good for testing it out - any image you design will be watermarked when printed.

Sorry about that - I don't have a design tutorial on the cap images Sincerely, Colette. Informative article. It's comparatively straightforward to apply and it's outstanding! Wonderful thank you so much for sharing this is the perfect project for my daughter who has to do a devotional at YW camp this summer. You'll need to make sure and read the details so you are getting the one you need.

These are just adorable. I can see making a whole bunch of these as holiday gifts this year! My Computer is My Canvas. For your convenience, I will link to Amazon in this post to help you find other supplies I used. It all started a few months ago when I ventured into something new So, I signed up for two hour Jewelry Class at Joann's and since then, this new little beading hobby of mine has taken me by storm!

I am absolutely inspired by all the colorful beads and have loved marrying them with the bright patterns and colors of my printables. So, although I'm not a master-beader I'm a beginner, in fact - I'll do my best to walk you through how to make these fun, colorful bottle cap wonders! Throughout the tutorial, I'll also recommend and link to if I can the places I've bought my beads and supplies. Like this necklace for example The beading mat is also a must have It's basically a thin, soft mat that measures 9" x 14".

It's a great work space and it's main purpose is to prevent your beads from rolling around. In addition to your tools, these are the other basic supplies you'll need also referred to as "findings".

Where to Buy these Supplies: The spacers, jump rings, and headpins can all be found at any craft store that sells jewelry-making supplies. I prefer Michaels over Joann's, Walmart has a decent selection of basic supplies if they have a craft section at your store and Hobby Lobby is good as well. Her selection is great and her quality is the best I've found. The thickness and firmness of her epoxy stickers is second to none - and what I also love, is she sells a variety of bottle caps with epoxy stickers in DIY kits.

If you've never bought beads before Then - I always pick a range of sizes, all the way down to the simple 4mm silver spacers.

For the best design, you'll want to mix sizes, colors and materials. Think about the design theory "earth, wind and fire" That means you should pick at least 3 different types and sizes of beads to keep your design interesting and fun. I chose stripes, pearls and polkadots - simply add variety with sizes, colors, materials and patterns. Below is a list of my favorite places to buy beads:.

A good tip if you are just starting out , look for bead "mixes". It's a less expensive way to build your stash if you can get a mix of colors or sizes in one listing instead of buying a strand of each color in each size. Rarely do I buy a strand unless I know I need a bunch of that particular size or color - I much prefer mixes. You've got your supplies, now let's prep your bottle caps I've touched on this part of the process several times already when I've released bottle cap printables - but in case you don't know - here's a quick run down.

You print the bottle cap sheets as 4x6 photo images at your favorite photo lab. Then, using a 1" round punch, punch each one out. Punches are sold at many craft stores; or here's a link on Amazon. Adhere them, image side UP to the Epoxy Sticker. Try to avoid touching the sticky part you don't want fingerprints or oily residue getting stuck under there! I've found it easiest to hold the sticker and the image together with my index finger and thumb, lining them up before pressing.

Then, using E Glue, adhere the stickered image to the bottle cap. Set aside and let dry for a couple of hours I like to pick out the beads I'll be using, then start by threading them onto my headpins until I like my little collection. For most of my beaded keychains, I've made 6 to 8 "bead stems" that's what I call them - or "bead dangles"? I typically choose 2 or 3 beads of varying size and style.

For some beads, the hole is larger than the head of the pin. In that case look at the polkadot bead one - I put one of my tiny 2mm daisy spacers on first, then put the bigger bead on. You can also use a "bead cap" with beads that have a larger hole, you'll find these at any craft store. Grip the pin as close to the top bead as you can and bend it to a 90 degree angle.

The pins are very pliable, so it's not tough and will bend easily. Then, I usually just go down the line and quickly do this step to all of my cute little bead stems. One important point It will.

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