How to get an asian parents attention

how to get an asian parents attention

10 Sure Ways to Get Whatever You Want From Your Parents

Jun 15,  · Subscribe for more hilarious videos and vines! Tags: Funny, eric dunn, eric v dunn, ericvdunn, rapid vines, rapidvines, RapidVInes, compilation, super vines. Apr 11,  · However, many Asian parents pay scant attention to the personal state or feelings of their children. Instead, children are taught to "listen and obey" since the .

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k votes, comments. m members in the videos community. The best place for video content of all kinds. Please read the sidebar below for . Jun 17,  · How to Get Asian Parents’ Attention. Posted in VIDEO DOWNLOAD. Advertisement 0 Comments? random avatar. Tags. animals. Jun 29,  · Part of the limited attention lies in the age-old Asian custom of secrecy, silence, and shame. He said, “Since my parents weren’t going to listen to me when I was upset as a child.

No matter who your parents are, there are a few things that you can do to drastically increase the chance of having them say "YES" rather then "NO. Parents love to pretend they are cool and collected, but in reality, they are very predictable. So much so that I guarantee that if you read the tips below, you can improve your life in several ways!

Your parents will allow you to do more, trust you more and be more willing to see life from your perspective. Nothing gets you a faster "No" from parents than giving them a feeling that they owe you or that you "deserve" things. Sure, they are responsible for your well-being and all that, but this is not an exercise in fairness. It's about getting what you want. So, when you ask for something, use an equal amount of gratitude and an equal amount of asking.

Saying, "Dad, can I have an Electric Guitar? This is really great, thank you. The point is not to trick your parents into thinking you care; the point is that appreciation spreads good will, which will certainly come back to you. You may ask: "What can I possibly offer my parents? They hold all the cards!

Your parents care about one thing having to do with you almost more than anything: Your growing up into a responsible, happy adult. Any way you can show them that you are moving in the right direction will help your case endlessly.

So, when asking for something, also offer something in return. Two things you can always offer are doing specific chores and getting better grades in specific topics.

Being specific is important because that way, the results can be measured. Saying, "I'll get better grades," is one thing, but it's much better to say, "I'll get better grades in History. Otherwise, your promise can have the opposite effect. One thing your parents care about, whether they admit it or not, is how they appear to others. Adults often feel judged about their parenting skills, and any way you can help them to feel confident as parents is a good thing.

So, when hanging around your parents in public, put your grown-up pants on. Make polite conversation with their friends. Answer their redundant questions as interestingly as possible.

Contribute to the social scene. Believe me -- proud parents' hearts and wallets are much more likely to be open to your requests. I tried them on at the mall. If I pay for half of them with my babysitting money, can you contribute the rest? This request sounds appreciative, responsible and like you're a kid that knows the value of money.

Mom will probably buy it for you outright! When you want Mom or Dad to buy you something small, then just go ahead and ask. The main thing you will need to prove to them is that you're mature enough to deserve that thing you want. Don't ask me why, but it does appear to be the case. Figure out small things that will make you seem more responsible and do them. Offer to take on small responsibilities and always do what you said you would do and a tiny bit more. If you show that you want to contribute to the family and don't resent your responsibilities, you will start to be seen in a whole different light -- a more grown-up light.

When that happens, asking for things will have a much higher rate of success. We all feel mistreated and deserving of more sometimes. Sometimes we really are. However, being mature sometimes means being happy with what we have! Many adults don't seem to get this idea, BTW. So, lower the rate of drama. Don't cite unfairness towards you unless it's blatant. When a sibling starts something, be the mature one and let it go.

All this builds confidence and credit. And it helps build a platform for the eventual "Sure, I'll get that for you.

Ask for delayed response. When they're pressed into a corner, or when they feel rushed, parents are much more likely to say "No" rather than "Yes. So, start any big requests with something like this: "Dad, don't say yes or no right now. I want you to think about it before answering.

This will give Dad or Mom time to consider what you want, and also make you look more mature by showing that you are patient enough to wait a day for the reply. Setting the stage for any question you want to pop is a key to increasing the odds for "Yes"!

Follow these rules for shifting things in your favor:. So you asked for something and they said no. This is not perfect, but it's not the end of the world, either. Figure out why!

Figure out the reason they turned you down and then ask what you have to do to make it a "Yes. I want that too. How can I show you that? Your persistence will most likely not be annoying or be regarded as questioning your parent's authority; It will actually be seen as an adult way of taking responsibility and going after what you want.

Yes, they do! Your parents love you and look for opportunities to make your life better. They need to feel that you appreciate and deserve what you get. Learn how to ask and you will be rewarded. US Edition U. Coronavirus News U. Politics Joe Biden Congress Extremism. Special Projects Highline. HuffPost Personal Video Horoscopes.

Terms Privacy Policy. Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Teens, listen up! Try the tips below and let me know how they work out! Ask with gratitude, show appreciation! Trade what you want for what you can do.

Make them look good. Match funds. Earn credit, slowly. Be part of the solution, not the problem. Stage your requests carefully. Remember: Your parents want to give you things! Calling all HuffPost superfans! Sign up for membership to become a founding member and help shape HuffPost's next chapter. Join HuffPost. Today is National Voter Registration Day!

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