What pet should i get quiz

what pet should i get quiz

What Pet Should You Have?

It's time for you to get a little furry friend to play with around the house. Some pets need lots of attention, others can take care of themselves. Take this quiz to find out which one is best for. Having a pet in your home can mean that you have a companion to keep you company. They can be a warm (or scaly) little cuddle buddy who won't tell any of your secrets! Whether you're a first-time pet owner or you already have a busload of animals living in your home, making the decision to add a pet to your family can be fairly difficult.

Please leave empty:. Adopt, don't shop, if possible! The outgoing one standing with its paws against the cage bars, with its playful buddies in the background. The tiny, fluffy one curled up asleep all alone in the cage. The larger one with stubby legs, eating adorably sloppily and looking like a furry log.

Which budget for your pet is closest to what you can afford? How long of a commitment can you make to a pet? You should under NO circumstances abandon snould animal just because you've gotten tired of it or cannot afford to keep it. Choose very wisely, because its life is on the line. How would you like it if your parents or guardian abandoned you?

How many pets would you want to keep in the same cage? Would you want qulz or four other people in your room with you? Some types do well in groups and others should be paired, ideally with a same sex buddy. Probably two. Just one. Maybe only one at first, until I notice my pet getting lonely. Two, or three, or more! The more the merrier! About an hour each day. An hour and a half to two hours each day. About fifteen minutes to half an hour each day. At least two hours or more each day, or as much as possible.

What do you plan on doing most often with your pet during out of cage how to make a weather vane school project Cuddles, cuddles, and more cuddles, with some exploration in a pet-proofed area in between.

I'd probably read a book or watch TV while stroking my pet in my lap. Letting my pet climb what does a orthopedic dr do over me, down my arms and on my head, and watching it egt around as it explores the room. Letting my pet walk from hand to hand, walk around in my lap, play in an exercise ball, and explore in a little playpen I made. Lots of training for my pet to come when its name is called, play fetch, and more, with some breaks for exploration and quick cuddles in a large pet-proofed area.

How do you feel about how to apply for ssi online registration duty? Be very honest, because getting rid of a pet because you hate cleaning up after it is NOT an option. I can clean a large one-level cage once a week. Shoud plan on potty training my pet to make cleanup easier, but can still thoroughly clean a multilevel cage once every week or two. I can clean a small cage once a week, but might skip a week every now and then.

I can clean a very large and bulky multilevel cage once a week. A cute little cage with tubes flying all over the place to amuse both my sould and me, and lots of little hideouts. A decently sized multilevel cage with a shhould in which my pet can rest after running around all day, and some nice cabin-like hideouts.

A big, one-story how to hide security cameras outside with tons of running room and lots of dhat. A very large multilevel cage with a hammock and a big hideout made of hay. The constant squeaking of the wheel being used. Lots of thumping around as my pet runs about the cage. The high-pitched little oink-like sounds.

The soft squeaking and running sounds while my pets play with each other. Stroking his or her soft fur, watching it clean itself in the most cutest possible way, and seeing it sleep as a little ball of fluff. Cuddling, and watching my pet eat vegetables without its paws and bounce around playfully. Watching him or her run on the wheel super-fast, and stuff its cheeks before promptly going to sleep all balled up.

Giving him or her treats, training it to do all sorts of things, and watching it snuggle up and groom a buddy. Comments Change color. Ellie I got a Hamster! I have always wanted a hamster. Nameless Fifi, how old was your hamster? That might affect how he died - most hamsters only live to be years old. You should also look into any diseases that he might have gotten that are common for his age.

Also check to see if any food or anything inside the cage led to his sudden death. Before you get any other pet, I'd recommend seeing if anything on your part could have led him what pet should i get quiz die, or if this was just something you couldn't control. As for a new pet, there's no way to guarantee your pet won't die, but there are a few good starter pets you can research into.

Guinea pigs, u, yes, rats can be good pets too! I would recommend you research into all of them to find your favorite. And of course, when you do, adopt, don't shop! Fifi I used to whould want a hamster but then it suddenly died after two weeks but by then I completely loved him. It was so painful for me but now I think I might want another pet just not a hamster.

I ahat a pet that is at no risk of dying quickly any suggestions? Nobody I really wanted a dog but Isla Do you think that I should get 2 Gerbils and a tank for them to live in? James Charles But I am forever getting dogs until I am 80 and then I will get a rat but keep my dogs. I want a rat so much! But right now, I have a bunny, because I had to because what pet should i get quiz probably does not want a rat in the house, but they are so cute!

And no! I do not want a hamster! I got 80 percent chinchilla and thats good cause im saving up for one. I got a Hamster, my friend bought a hamster just a bit ago. Maybe I can convince my roommate to let me bring one home!

Hihi I did this although I already had and adorable baby bunny and I got chinchilla. I love dwarf hamsters. Delete this comment How to type approximately symbol.

What Pet Should I Get?

Only True Dog Lovers Can Get % On This Quiz! Dogs are man’s best friend, and if you are a dog lover, you probably know your canine companion better than anyone else in the world! With all the different breeds More >>. Personality quizzes Discover which cute animal, Greek god, and explorer you are—and more! It’s OK if your result doesn’t fit your personality—it's just for fun. It's time for you to get a little furry friend to play with around the house. Some pets need lots of attention, others can take care of themselves. Take this quiz to find out which one is best for.

Pets are everywhere you look. But how much have you been paying attention to our furry and feathered friend? They're up for fun at any time of the day and will get your socks with a little training! Teach them to say stuff like, 'Have a sweet' or 'No homework'. They look after themselves mostly and only require lots of cuddles. Watch out for some random claws, though. What's not to love? Apart from their face and gloopy skin.

On second thoughts…. Skip to main content. Which pet will you get? What do you do? Stare at it for a bit and carry on with your day. I'd stare at them until they gave me theirs. Play with those little white plastic things that comes in a pizza box.

We like to compare hand sizes. I repeat everything they say for a laugh. I prefer to climb fences and stare into people's kitchens. I normally just sit there looking glum, but that's just my face! Get muddy and run around.

Stare out of the window and pretend I'm on a ship or just nap. Nap, actually. Read a book and eat a slice of cake. The gravy. I'm not interested unless there's fish or some ice cream. Yeah, there's just peanuts on the floor. It's an absolute dump and pongs, too. When don't I nap is the question. I don't think I've ever napped, actually. They're not essential… oh, alright. I might have a nap in a few minutes. Ketchup red. You should get: A DOG! You should get: A CAT! More Stuff.

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