What is the size of a comic book

what is the size of a comic book

Recommended size for Comics to be published online and in print?

Comic Books. PrintNinja recommends designing your custom comic book to fit these dimensions. The comic book industry has seen a huge spike in self-published and creator-owned works in recent years. One of the many reasons for this is the large number of formats possible to help bring your story to life. Use our Comic Book and Magazine Size Cheat Sheet Chart to Find Out! Crystal Clear Bagsģ are acid free, archive quality and perfect for storage or retail packaging. All bags are PAT tested for photo storage and preservation. PC, or Protective Closure Bags, feature the adhesive on the side of the bag so it will not come in contact with your.

There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. It's slightly larger how to use google public dns a normal comic book size, what size should it be and how can I tell if it's not a re-print.

I've never held the first issue of Superman, but usually there is information at the bottom of the first page. If you have a local comic book store, you can ask cimic. Comic books in were definitely of comix different size than they are today. Books of are seriously narrower and shorter. But the main problem is Action Comics 1 fromfor Superman did not get his siz title untilhas been reprinted many times in different formats, hence those seriously vary by size as well.

However most genuine Action Comics 1 might be missing a page from inside, since there was a coloring contest in the very first issue that was printed on the other side of the Superman story! So many kids colored inside sizze ripped their copy of Action Comics 1 in hopes of winning a dollar! If you ever find anyone with ahat certified copy of Action Comics 1, then measure their's against yours. There are around known copies of Action comics 1 in existence i doubt you have one besides the fact you keep referring to it as superman 1 not action comics 1 which was superman's first kf.

Power Woman originally was thr cousin of the Superman of Earth She always remained so, despite all the obfuscation after the Crisis on Infinite Earths, as was revealed during Infinite Crisis, so that never changed right until Flashpoint.

Superman of Earth-2! So, in closing: Power Woman is indeed Superman's cousin and the same girl as Blok, but from one universe over. Most of the reprints I have seen say they are reprints somewhere in it or they have the date it was printed in it. I don't think the reprints have the old adds in thee just the old comic with adds from that time period. If I saw a pic of the cover i might be able to tell since it differs slightly from the reprints i have seen.

One of the tells thats its the original is on the cover, the front fender on the car has a glare drawn in on it. I know a few more tells if that comid help.

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On the comic book it was But to be completely sure that it is real, and not a re-print, we need the full dimensions of the true original comic book. Does any one know what the dimensions are for the first Superman comic book?

Answer Save. I Am Baytor Lv 6. But that was big money to a kid in Original Action Comics 1. Sharene Lv 4. Still have questions? Get your answers by asking now.

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A standard modern comic book is 10 and 1/8 inches by 6 and 5/8 inches ( cm x cm) and has pages of story plus advertisements. Source: the comics sitting in front of me K views. Nov 03, †∑ Also, while comic books consistently kept a height of 10 1/2 inches ( cm), their width narrowed from the Golden Age dimension of 7 3/4 inches ( cm) to a Silver Age width of 7 1/8 inches ( cm), then widened to 7 1/4 inches ( cm) in the s and s before narrowing to 6 7/8 inches ( cm) in the s%(85). Mar 12, †∑ The printer will trim off what they need to, depending on a page being on the right or left (if necessary), resulting in a ? standard comic book size with a safe 6?9 area. For this method, Iíve recorded this process as an Action in Photoshop. This way, I donít have to think about it after Step 2.

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Update New Answers View Popular. Cannot show any more results as the search results exceed 10, Ask a Question Now! Unable to display the data because the search result exceeds 10, VIEW 33, Total 4. Report to administrator. I'd like some advice when it comes to creating comics with Clip Studio Paint! I've been working on a fanbook for some time using CSP on my Surface Pro and I need some help with formatting it, and also would appreciate some advice with brush sizes. The canvas is much bigger than what I'm used to working at, not to mention I'm uncertain how my linework is going to look in print; currently working with brush size that's around 7.

I'm not certain if I actually have to be working at these sizes and am just putting myself through extra work, so that's what my question is about. For anyone that's worked on a comic book before, what sizes do you guys work at? And what do you resize to when you go to print or publish online? And also, is there a tool to quickly crop and resize your files once you're finished with your pages?

Thank you in advance for your answers! View more. You didn't mention if you're working in color or black and white, which is a bit significant. If you're working in color ppi is ok, but for black and white I would go with ppi. If you know who you're going to print through, it would be a good idea to get specs from them.

Looking at your screensshot, you've got more space around the outer most guide than you really need. For instance, for the comic I'm working one, which I plan to print in 7"x10" through CreateSpace, I'm using the following numbers. The printer will print the page at a larger size, bind your book, and cut it to to size. If you have artwork going all the way to the edge of the page, you must make sure it goes all the way to the outer most guide.

The very edge of your art will very likely be cut a bit, but that's what you want. The area outside the outer most guide isn't really used, except for cutting markers, but your printer will likely put these in. If you're working in black and white for print, like most manga, make sure to set all your ink layers to Monochrome.

You do not want any anti-aliasing going on. Anti-aliasing is the gray pixels around your black lines, that make them looks nice on screens, but what happens with these if sent to a printer, is that they get rasterized turned into a pattern of dots , resulting in fuzzy lines.

I always try to avoid scaling Monochrome layers if I can, even though CSP does a better job of it than most. If it's not really a problem if using vector layer for your inking, but I still try to avoid it.

So try to plan ahead, and set up your comic at the size you plan to print it from the start, so you don't have to mess with scaling later on. Using them correctly is almost a science, and scaling screentones willk quickly get you into trouble. That said, If you have access to an okay laser writer, most of which have dpi resolution, just print out a test page, and you'll pretty much see what you get from a professionally printed book.

I'm not really sure what you mean by A4 size canvas with a B5 finish. I usually use A5 for comics and B5 for illustration books. Note: this is the Japanese doujinshi standard and I'm not familiar with how things work in other countries. Yes, you do have to work on a large canvas if you want to print your work.

If you're uncomfortable with large canvas, reduce your dpi to It won't have much effect on screentones if that's what you're concerned with.

However, for web, your dpi really doesn't have to be higher than Also utilize vector layers. In a separate window at a size that you're comfortable with, draw your sketch on a vector layer. Next, change line thickness. This will help save time. My mistake, I must've been using the wrong terms. The size of the canvas itself is A4, and the Binding size is B5, like the pic shows.

I also utilize vector layers already, but thank you for the tip! I'll try that technique if drawing directly on a large canvas is too uncomfortable. So would that mean the final size of the image have to be B5 or is my canvas fine currently fine as it is? Changing the resolution will of course affect the overall quality of the linework, but I'd say dpi is still tolerable.

But don't go any lower than that. Your canvas seems fine as it is. If you want to know more about binding, please refer to this article from Celsys. Scroll down to 'Drawing the Storyboard' section.

For color and grayscales documents, dpi is good enough. Did you find this helpful? Yes No. Thank you for using this service. Thank you for your feedback. How to set up a double page spread? About using software. American comic page setting.

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