What is a delta geography term

what is a delta geography term

Earth Science 101: What Is a Delta in Geography?

Aug 05, †∑ A river divides into smaller river and empties into a body of water, creating an area known as a delta. Sometimes, a delta can empty into land, but this doesn't occur very often. How a River Delta Forms A river delta is formed when a river divides into several smaller rivers. Apr 13, †∑ When we talk about a delta, it is a wetland that forms as a river empties its contents into another water body. If you are fascinated about the Geography of this Earth, then this oneHOWTO article will give you a deeper understanding of what is a delta in Geography.

Didn't find the answer you were looking for? Ask a Question. Ellie Hoe answered. Delta is a piece of triangular land which is considered to be highly fertile. It is made up of deposits of soil which are formed after rivers and waters are emptied to the lake or sea. This piece of land in in triangle in shape which is similar to the greek letter delta therefore it is os as Delta. The land is surrounded how to add group contacts in outlook 2010 the water and is highly fertile.

Shezan Shaikh answered. In geographical terms, a delta is defined as the alluvial deposit at the mouth of a river. It is usually q in shape. The term delta is also used to define a difference in temperature. It is often used in the context of the distinction between the indoor temperature of wwhat place and the outdoor temperature of that place. It is an area situated in the northern part of Egypt.

This is the place where the River Nile, the second-longest river in the world and Africa's longest river, flows into the Mediterranean Sea.

It is characterised by fertile land. A delta is formed when successive layers of sediments from the upstream areas of a river are deposited at its mouth. These deposits are alluvial and are usually in the shape of a fan. A delta can also be located at the mouth of a tidal inlet.

It is formed when the velocity of the current in the river is reduced. Anonymous answered. When a river is about 40 fall in sea or in a lakeIts sediment there. A delta is defined as the alluvial deposit at the mouth of the river.

A area of sediments formed at the mouth of a river. Love shan 4 life. Answer Question. Connect Connect Connect.

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Dec 04, †∑ A delta is a wetland area that forms as river waters empty into a larger body of water. Often, deltas look triangular in shape and sometimes they're even described as looking like a fan. delta noun (RIVER) [ C ] geography. an area of low, flat land, sometimes shaped like a triangle, where a river divides into several smaller rivers before flowing into the ocean: the Mississippi delta. . A delta is a land mass formed by sedimentation as the river carrying the sediments enters another water body, generally a sea or ocean. This happens because the river carrying the sediments slow down to the extent that it canít carry them any longer.

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Examples of delta. Delta takes allegations of inappropriate conduct very seriously. From New York Post. From CNN. The delta smelt is one species, caught in the middle of the debate. From NPR. Deltas are extremely fertile for crops, and home to over half billion people and several mega-cities. From Phys. A delta forms when a river meets a sea or ocean. Delta has considered buying their own refinery so that the airline can make its own fuel.

From ABC News. Delta had done the same a few months earlier. From Huffington Post. This genetic change is called the delta 32 mutation. Even a one-foot rise in sea level tremendously affects the sedimentology of delta formation.

Delta will buy out or force out senior workers and steadily increase the number of lower paid workers. From Minneapolis Star Tribune. Some million people live and work in the world's major river deltas. Those levees, researchers report, form dams blocking the overbank flooding that could help maintain a delta starved of river sediment. From NOLA. Delta was still able to communicate with pilots through radio and was still able to track all of its airplanes. For seven months of the year, the delta is frozen tundra.

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