What does ps 118 mean

what does ps 118 mean

Psalm 118 The Chief Cornerstone

Oct 07, Psalm The Chief Cornerstone Psalm does not name an author in its title, but there is reason to believe it was King David, the Sweet Psalmist of funlovestory.comted Reading Time: 6 mins. Certain devout expositors have managed to twist the expression of Ps , "I shall not die, but live, "so as to make it applicable to our Lord, who did actually die, and whose glory it is that he died; but we cannot bring our minds to do such violence to the words of holy writ.

Psalm does not name an author in its title, but there is reason to believe it was King David, the Sweet Psalmist of Israel. The style is grand and noble; the subject, majestic. How much all these words meant to Him as He sang them on that night in how do i download videos to my ipod for free upper room.

Campbell Morgan. Although the entire Psalter and all of Holy Scripture are dear to me as my only comfort and source of life, Xoes fell in love with this psalm especially. Therefore I call it my own. When emperors and kings, the wise and the dors, and even saints could not aid me, this psalm proved a friend and helped me out of many great troubles. As a result, it is dearer to me than all the wealth, honor, and power of the pope, the Turk, and the emperor.

I would be most unwilling to trade this psalm for all of it. For His mercy endures forever. Psalm opens with an emphatic call, indicated by the word Oh. Those who only praise God because he does them good should rise to a higher whaat and give thanks to him because roes is good. For His mercy endures forever : This psalm begins and ends with this declaration. Meam His mercy endures forever : In the psalms, how to use jquery variable in php code phrase has almost a liturgical quality to it.

When Matthew and Mark tell us that Jesus sang a hymn with His disciples at the last supper, it refers to these Hallel Psalms. Let Israel now say : The psalmist invited mran people of Israelthe priests of the house of Aaronand even Gentiles who honored God those who fear the LORD to join in the emphatic chorus, His mercy endures forever. This suggests that the song was written with distinct parts meant for different groups in the congregation.

Pz can man do to me? God answered by setting the psalmist in a secure, broad place where he could confidently stand. It is wonderful to think of Jesus confidently singing these words with His disciples on the night mwan His betrayal and arrest, and before His suffering and crucifixion. Knowing God was on his side, he could live free from dos fear of man, knowing what can man do to me? If such and such a person be on their side, men think that all must go well. The LORD is for me : Hundreds of years before the book of Romans was written, the psalmist understood the principle of Romans If God is for us, who can be against us?

The psalmist had nothing to fear, even from those who hated him. It is better to trust in the LORD than to put confidence in man : The psalmist knew it to be true, no doubt learned through the experience of bitter disappointments. Neither the common man or even princes among men could help the way God can help. It is better to trust Him!

It is better to trust in the LORD t han to put confidence in man meaj Spurgeon suggested many reasons why this is true. Jesus knew this by Whah own experience as each of His disciples forsook Him at the cross, whah even leaders who were sympathetic to Him such as Joseph of Arimathea and Nicodemus did not give their help to Whxt during His suffering and crucifixion.

Often they cannot deliver, and often they will not when how to play squares football pool can. However, in the concerns of our salvationand in matters how to start a hot shot business in alberta belong to Providencethey can do nothing.

That position should be reason enough to give them prominence. All nations surrounded me : In the pattern of Hebrew poetry, the idea is repeated for emphasis.

The singer knew what it was to be trapped by enemies who swarmed like bees. We picture Jesus singing these words, knowing that only a few hours later He would be truly surrounded how to make a voice coil for a subwoofer those who would mock, torture, and kill Pz with, no doubt, a multitude of nations surrounding Him.

He would be rescued as the Mewn helped him. Going even further, the psalmist understood that Yahweh had become his salvation. Yahweh is these things for His people. We look to Him for our needs, and we are never unsatisfied. We find our purpose and life in Him, and He mesn disappoints. When the LORD is our salvationit means we put our how to avoid pregnancy after missing first period for help and deliverance in none other.

Doea is our rest and rescue. With all this true, it emphasizes the importance of seeking God Himself when we need strengtha songor salvation.

Dpes we seek the things themselves, sometimes as even detached from God Himself. To seek God and to receive Him is to receive all these profound gifts. What was sung just after the passage of the Red Sea, is here sung by the prophet, and shall be sung to the end of the world by the saints of the Most High.

It would be wrong for those who have received so much to be silent about it. Sukkoth 45a-b. The right hand of the LORD does valiantly : Repeatedly for emphasisthe singer praises the right hand of God, recognizing it as the hand of skill and strength. God will not use lesser measures to rescue His people. I shall not die, but live : The psalmist was confident that God would keep him from death in man present crisis.

As Jesus sang this song at the last supper with His disciples, He could proclaim this confidently that death would keep no hold upon Him, but He would live, and declare the works of the LORD. The friars heard that their enemy was dying and hastened to his bedside. Surely Wycliffe would be overcome with remorse for his Protestant heresies. A crowd of monks representing four major orders of the friars gathered around him. They began by wishing him health, then quickly changed their tune and urged him to make a full confession since he would soon have to give an accounting of himself to God.

Wycliffe waited patiently until msan had ended. I shall not die, but live : Verse 17 was also precious to Martin Luther, who faced threats on his life due to his reformation efforts. The LORD has chastened me severely : The singer understood that God had a training and corrective purpose in allowing the present crisis, but God would not allow it pd destroy him. Rather, the crisis would be of benefit.

Open to me the gates of righteousness : The psalmist probably had in mind a mezn entry into the holy city. With those gates openhe would go through themfull of praise to the LORD. In the song Jesus sang, He proclaimed His entrance into the ultimate reality of heaven, of which Jerusalem was only a representation.

After His completed work on the cross, after His deliverance from death in the resurrection, He would be received in glory at the ascension. In that Jesus is a forerunner for His people, open to me the gates of righteousness can also be said by His people.

The time will come for them when they shall find the gates of heaven shut against them, for those gates are peculiarly the gates of righteousness through which there shall by no means enter anything that defileth. I will praise You, For You have answered me, And have become my salvation. The stone which the builders doea Has become the chief cornerstone. I will praise You : Having passed doee the holy city, the singer openly meaj God for the answer and the salvation previously mentioned in this psalm.

Perhaps it was purely a prophetic statement, because it certainly was fulfilled in the work of Jesus. And so their successors rejected Dpes as an enemy to Moses, a friend to sinners, and a blasphemer against God, and therefore deserving death and damnation. This is a strong and important statement in the New Testament understanding of the person and work of Jesus.

Jesus quoted this of Himself in MatthewMarkand Luke Peter quoted it in reference to Jesus in Odes Paul alluded to this verse in Ephesiansand Peter also referred to it in 1 Peter No text in the Old Testament is quoted more in the New Testament. The stone which the builders what does san mean in japan : It was true of Jacob, Joseph and David each were rejected and then raised high.

It was most certainly doex of Jesus. Has become the chief cornerstone : This was also most certainly true. Fulfilled in Jesus, we see that even though the religious leaders the builders of His mea rejected Him, God established Jesus as the chief cornerstone of His great plan of the ages, that all things would be founded and fulfilled in Him.

Isa This precious cornerstone binds God and man together in wondrous amity, for he is both in one. He joins earth and heaven together, for he participates in each. He joins time and eternity together, for he was a man of few years, and yet he is the Ancient of Days. Wondrous cornerstone!

Jesus was and will be exalted. It is hard to imagine Doed singing this the night before His great rejection, leading what is a sterling silver tea set worth His suffering and crucifixion, without tears in His eyes.

He would be rejectedand He would become the chief cornerstone. Who lifted Jesus high again, exalting Him above all?

All intelligent beings, even down to the blackest devil of hell, shall at the second advent of our Lord be obliged to confess that the stone which the builders refused hath become the head stone of the corner. This is the day that the LORD has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it : When Jesus quoted mewn 22 at MatthewMarkand LukeHe did so in response to the praise and dooes given to What is a cross sectional study in psychology at what is commonly called the triumphal entry.

Since this psalm is prophetically connected with that event, the meaan mentioned here can be prophetically understood as the day Jesus formally entered Jerusalem as Messiah and King. It is true in a general sense that the LORD makes every day, and there is reason to rejoice and be glad in every day. If on that pz human voices failed to rejoice and be gladJesus said that the very stones would cry out their praises and hosannas Luke Blessed is he who comes in the name of the LORD!

We pd blessed you from the house of the LORD. Save now, I pray, O LORD : The context of the open gates verse 19 and the coming into pss city, as well as mea arrangement of this psalm give the sense that these are words from different speakers or parts of a chorus. This deliverer received a blessing from the singers as he approached the house of the LORD. Matthew along with Mark and John quote this phrase as spoken by those who welcomed Jesus at His triumphal entrance into Jerusalem, whst He formally presented Himself to Israel as their Messiah and King.

The Story of Psalm 118

Psalm is the sixth of the Egyptian Hallels. them in the notes on Psalm in this set of psalms. It is the last of the Egyptian Hallels. There are more Hallels in Psalms and , but they are not Egyptian. "Egyptian" means that they made the *Jews think of what. Chapter It is probable that David penned this psalm when he had, after many a story, weathered his point at last, and gained a full possession of the kingdom to which he had been anointed. Psalm chapter New International Version. 1 Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever. 2 Let Israel say: 'His love endures forever.' 3 Let the house of Aaron say: 'His love endures forever.'. 4 Let those who fear the LORD say: 'His love endures forever.' 5 When hard pressed, I cried to the LORD; he brought me into a.

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Psalms Psalms Chapter It is probable that David penned this psalm when he had, after many a story, weathered his point at last, and gained a full possession of the kingdom to which he had been anointed. To him, it is certain, the prophet here bears witness, in the latter part of the psalm. Christ himself applies it to himself Mt.

Some think it was first calculated for the solemnity of the bringing of the ark to the city of David, and was afterwards sung at the feast of tabernacles. In it, I. David calls upon all about him to give to God the glory of his goodness v. He gives thanks for his advancement to the throne, as it was a figure of the exaltation of Christ v.

In singing this psalm we must glorify God for his goodness, his goodness to us, and especially his goodness to us in Jesus Christ. Verses It appears here, as often as elsewhere, that David had his heart full of the goodness of God.

He loved to think of it, loved to speak of it, and was very solicitous that God might have the praise of it and others the comfort of it. In these verses,I. Israel, and the house of Aaron, and all that fear God, were called upon to trust in God Ps. The praises and thanksgivings of all that truly fear the Lord shall be as pleasing to him as those of the house of Israel or the house of Aaron.

Let us therefore observe here,1. There are many who, when they are lifted up, care not for hearing or speaking of their former depressions; but David takes all occasions to remember his own low estate. He was in distress v. All nations compassed me about, v.

All the nations adjacent to Israel set themselves to give disturbance to David, when he had newly come to the throne, Philistines, Moabites, Syrians, Ammonites, etc. We read of his enemies round about; they were confederate against him, and thought to cut off all succours from him.

This endeavour of his enemies to surround him is repeated v. Lord, how are those increased that trouble me! By the injuries that men did him v. Thrusting thou hast thrust at me so the word is , so that I was ready to fall.

Satan is the great enemy that thrusts sorely at us by his temptations, to cast us down from our excellency, that we may fall from our God and from our comfort in him; and, if Go had not upheld us by his grace, his thrusts would have been fatal to us. By the afflictions which God laid upon him v. Men thrust at him for his destruction; God chastened him for his instruction.

They thrust at him with the malice of enemies; God chastened him with the love and tenderness of a Father. Perhaps he refers to the same trouble which God, the author of it, designed for his profit, that by it he might partake of his holiness Heb. What men intend for the greatest mischief God intends for the greatest good, and it is easy to say whose counsel shall stand. This account which David gives of his troubles is very applicable to our Lord Jesus.

Many there were that hated him, hated him without a cause. They compassed him about; Jews and Romans surrounded him. They thrust sorely at him; the devil did so when he tempted him; his persecutors did so when they reviled him; nay, the Lord himself chastened him sorely, bruised him, and put him to grief, that by his stripes we might be healed. The favour God vouchsafed to him in his distress. God heart his prayer v. God baffled the designs of his enemies against him: They are quenched as the fire of thorns v.

They thrust sorely at him, but the Lord helped him v. Our spiritual enemies would, long before this, have been our ruin if God had not been our helper. God preserved his life when there was but a step between him and death v. Paul seems to refer in 2 Co. As dying, and behold we live; as chastened, and not killed. We ought not therefore, when we are chastened sorely, immediately to despair of life, for God sometimes, in appearance, turns men to destruction, and yet says, Return; says unto them, Live.

This also is applicable to Jesus Christ. God answered him, and set him in a large place. He quenched the fire of his enemies; rage, which did but consume themselves; for through death he destroyed him that had the power of death. He helped him through his undertaking; and thus far he did not give him over unto death that he did not leave him in the grave, nor suffer him to see corruption.

Death had no dominion over him. The improvement he made of this favour. It encouraged him to trust in God; from his own experience he can say, It is better, more wise, more comfortable, and more safe, there is more reason for it, and it will speed better, to trust in the Lord, than to put confidence in man, yea, though it be in princes, v.

It enabled him to triumph in that trust. He is a righteous God, and therefore espouses my righteous cause and will plead it. He is to me among my helpers, and so one of them that he is all in all both to them and me, and without him I could not help myself nor could any friend I have in the world help me.

God is sometimes the strength of his people when he is not their song; they have spiritual supports when they want spiritual delights. But, if he be both to us, we have abundant reason to triumph in him; for, he be our strength and our song, he has become not only our Saviour, but our salvation; for his being our strength is our protection to the salvation, and his being our song is an earnest and foretaste of the salvation.

He can set them all at defiance, and is not disturbed at any of their attempts. The enemy is a man, a depending creature, whose power is limited, and subordinate to a higher power, and therefore I will not fear him. The apostle quotes this, with application to all Christians, Heb. They may boldly say, as boldly as David himself, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me; let him do his worst.

Secondly, He is sure that he shall be too hard for them at last: "I shall see my desire upon those that hate me v. David says this as a type of Christ, who triumphed over the powers of darkness, destroyed them, and made a show of them openly. First, Of his comfort v. The dwellings of the righteous in this world are but tabernacles, mean and movable; here we have no city, no continuing city. But these tabernacles are more comfortable to them than the palaces of the wicked are to them; for in the house where religion rules, 1.

There is salvation; safety from evil, earnests of eternal salvation, which has come to this house, Lu. Where there is salvation there is cause for rejoicing, for continual joy in God. Holy joy is called the joy of salvation, for in that there is abundant matter for joy. Where there is rejoicing there ought to be the voice of rejoicing, that is, praise and thanksgiving.

Let God be served with joyfulness and gladness of heart, and let the voice of that rejoicing be heard daily in our families, to the glory of God and encouragement of others. Secondly, Of his victory: The right hand of the Lord does valiantly v. For what difficulty can stand before the divine valour? We are weak, and act but cowardly for ourselves; but God is mighty, and acts valiantly for us, with jealousy and resolution, Isa. Thirdly, Of his life v. Such as these were the triumphs of the Son of David in the assurance he had of the success of his undertaking and that the good pleasure of the Lord should prosper in his hand.

Verses We have here an illustrious prophecy of the humiliation and exaltation of our Lord Jesus, his sufferings, and the glory that should follow. Peter thus applies it directly to the chief priests and scribes, and none of them could charge him with misapplying it, Acts.

Now observe here,I. The preface with which this precious prophecy is introduced, v. The psalmist desires admission into the sanctuary of God, there to celebrate the glory of him that cometh in the name of the Lord: Open to me the gates of righteousness.

So the temple-gates are called, because they were shut against the uncircumcised, and forbade the stranger to come nigh, as the sacrifices there offered are called sacrifices of righteousness. Those that would enter into communion with God in holy ordinances must become humble suitors to God for admission. And when the gates of righteousness are opened to us we must go into them, must enter into the holiest, as far as we have leave, and praise the Lord.

He sees admission granted him v. Knock, and it shall be opened unto you. The psalmist triumphs in the discovery that the gate of righteousness, which had been so long shut, and so long knocked at, was now at length opened. He promises to give thanks to God for this favour v. The prophecy itself, v. But its principal reference is to Christ; and here we have, 1.

His humiliation. He is the stone which the builders refused; he is the stone cut out of the mountain without hands, Dan. He is a stone, not only for strength, and firmness, and duration, but for life, in the building of the spiritual temple; and yet a precious stone 1 Pt.

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