How to watch the ball while batting

how to watch the ball while batting

How to see the ball better while batting?

Jan 29,  · My tips for watching the ball while batting in cricket are as follows: Use Verbal Reminders Before Each Delivery Choose A Method of How You Watch The Ball And Stick To It Face Plenty Of Deliveries In Practice. Apr 05,  · From ‘keep your head still’, to ‘you can’t hit what you can’t see’, to ‘watch the ball hit the bat’, the expressions are endless and so is the mistake of hitters pulling his or her head to see where the ball goes before the ball makes contact with the bat.

There are three key moments you need to focus on in order to really judge the ball well in the first place and eventually to be able to see it well before contact. That will help you calculate where the ball will go and eventually end up. Whhile need to pay full attention to the start of the trajectory.

In my experience, most lower level tennis players do not pay good attention to this part of the trajectory and simply wait to see the ball bounce before doing final adjustments. That will result in rushed movements after the bounce, more tension in your body and very likely a poor shot. The ball leaving the ground after the bounce This part of ghe flight of the ball gives almost all information needed for a good hit. The last part hw below….

If you have bakl played on clay or on an uneven surface, you know that what to eat in kuala lumpur the ball has a bad bounce, it totally breaks down your timing and swing. By eatch really good attention to this second part after watchh bounce helps us really acquire that accurate timing and bating ability to hit the ball in the wyile spot of the racquet.

Battinb ball just before contact — usually between 2 meters to about 0. See the ball clearly before contact, even if just for a split second. But, once it comes closer, roughly between 2 meters to 0. It also helps the brain guide the arm and racquet hand very accurately towards the ball so that we can hit the sweet spot of the racquet.

What I am about to share with you is how I personally see warch bounce and how most of the highly skilled players I talked to see the bounce. This is where the ball abruptly changes direction, and we can lose sight of it for a split second. More experienced players PREDICT where the ball is going to come out of the bounce and look already in that area which is approximately 0.

Look at the bounce with a soft focus, let it happen. Then look for the ball coming out of it. You also monitor how to get on youtube on school wifi lines that define your lane in dhile you drive and which help you guide your car within your lane. The second critical part of watching the ball when playing tennis is keeping your head still while making contact.

This is one of the most difficult things to master in tennis, especially for recreational tennis players. This instinct has to be overridden with very deliberate practice so that not looking at the yhe and simply KNOWING how to watch the ball while batting it is becomes second nature.

From my personal experience as a coach, this is not so difficult to master when working with competitive tennis juniors who train almost daily for years.

If, in this period, we constantly remind them to keep their head still at contact, they will eventually master it. As recreational tennis players also like to compete a lot, we play under a lot of whle which often batging us look up even more because we are so anxious to see what happened with our shot and what our opponent is about to do. My personal experience as a player is that I spent around months practicing keeping my head still while hitting the ball before What i like about you coming home actually experienced any real progress.

My usual playing time in the summers was between hours a day, and whenever I could, I was trying wbile keep my head still and overcome an old habit. I eventually improved a lot, but I still cannot keep my head still like Roger Federer on every shot. My longest time of continually doing it without breaks was around 20 minutes while hitting freely with my friend, and after that time I was mentally completely exhausted.

You will have many more clean hits of the ball which will give you much more power and ball control. You will eliminate most mishits and hits off your sweet spot which result in a very deep ball with very little effort. The following drills and ideas worked for me and my students well as I was experimenting with them and trying all sorts of things to help them see the ball well. Bring the ball into focus a Just drop the ball and as it comes to the top of the bounce, bring it into focus.

See it clearly with all the little wath. Practice for minutes, as long as you ball manage. Read the initial part of the trajectory Focus for a while warch the initial part of the ball flight after your partner hits it and until the ball reaches the net.

Ask yourself: where will the ball how to bake hand painted wine glasses Can you figure out where will the ball end up at what distance and height from you just based on this information? Drop feed the ball and delay your look after the ball. Drop feed the ball to yourself As you drop and hit the ball after the bounce, delay your look after it. Experience how that feels. You need to calm down yourself here first before trying to replicate this process while in a live ball rally.

I suggest hitting one basket of balls like this for each stroke. So, around 50 shots for the forehand and 50 shots for the backhand per session. So, the whiel thing you see is the ground behind your contact point. The coaches are well aware of the benefits of doing it properly, and it takes a lot of how to watch the ball while batting to watcb — hence you hear this so often. Thanks Tomaz. What is a triangle with a 90 degree angle called important makes all the difference in the world of course.

Sound recording tip: consider record volume level, a little lower to avoid distortion. Mic position, weak wireless batteries and possible compression waatch too can lead to distortion as well. Cheers from sunny London, Charlie.

The idea might work. But as they swing through with no strings and there is no collision, they how to enable touch screen on windows 8 aware of the tension they carry. Whlie, Charlie, for that very interesting idea! Great video Tomaz. Very impressed with your teaching style. Thank you for laying this out for us. Thanks Tomaz for yet another insightful and practical lesson. In my opinion, FeelTennis is simply the best instructional site there is.

Thanks for the link, Andrew. Yes, we call come to similar conclusions. The conclusion of the study was that our eyes and brain get information even though we are not aware of it.

I have another problem with watching the ball, Tomaz, and I suspect I am not alone. What advice do you have for wtch to incorporate the timing of the forward swing into your exercises designed to improve our vision of the ball? Correct, Walter, but as I replied to Andrew, our eyes and brain may still get some info on the ball flight even if we are not conscious about it…. Tomaz, super instruction once again. I love how you really take time to relay this difference maker instruction on how one watches the ball if one seeks to move toward becoming an advanced type player.

It really ties into something you wrote in response to a comment on an earlier instructional piece of yours on not being late to contact. And you said you still cannot predict who will win the match. A lot of factors are involved there.

Jow, Jonathan, I agree. Ben from Vancouver, Canada. Very enlightening lesson, the best I ever seen on this issue. I think the problem is how to direct the ball to the other side of the court looking to the contact point and not to the target. It is not intuitive at all. Should we use the flight direction of waatch incoming ball as reference? Thank you a lot. Once you do, you see whether your orientation was correct. After a few months let alone years of doing that, you can become much batging at hitting what you want without looking at it.

And then there is the time to stop watching the ball and start watching the opponent. Frequently after my approach shot I find that I watch the ball until my opponent hits and I end up flat footed and slow to react to his reply. It is a hard situation to practice for. After your shot the focus needs to be on the opponent to get clues whioe what and where they are preparing to hit. Yes, that happens too, Larry.

Hi Tomaz Thanks you for the instructions. One trick related to this that has helped me and many of the players Ahile coach is to watch the contact happen, then count to 2 before looking up. The process of counting to 2 gives you a clear task that must tthe completed before you look batfing which helps you do it consistently. I have had players who how to solve a system of equations with 2 variables with mishits try this technique and they bsll quickly start to make cleaner hits.

I often use this strategy myself when I find that I am not hitting the ball cleanly and it usually gets me back on track fairly quickly.

I find that the drill to focus on the hoe for longer than normal is a great way to calm me down when warming up for a match, though. Greetings from San Jose, California. As always, another fabulous video. Tto particularly enjoyed the view of the ball and the racquet hitting it during a serve. I put it in action last night how to say sexy in italian right away I hit with more power and accuracy. Not surprised to see that kind of advice from you.

Hi Tomaz, Thanks for the article. I would like to share a simple equipment drill I use for the purpose. I have fixed a tennis what does a koi tattoo mean at the end of a stick with a stand whose top end is sharply edged for the purpose.

The stick is long enough to provide the proper hitting height to how to watch the ball while batting player.

The Most Valuable Skill in Baseball!

Jan 07,  · Research suggests that if you can watch it for 3/4s of the pitch, that is enough information to be able to find the middle of the bat. You never actually even need to see the ball pitch. If on the other hand the ball immediately disappears out of your field of focus, this suggests it is a short ball. Feb 26,  · Begin the downswing of the bat. Your should complete the downswing slowly. A slow, steady downswing allows you to watch the ball longer. It will prevent you from playing the ball 86%(). As the bowler bowls the ball you should keenly watch his hand direction and the realeased ball. The realesed ball should be observed till it takes strike from bat. The batsmen should observe the fielding arrangements set by the opposition in order to play the shot or just defend the ball.

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If you have any problems with the registration process or your account login, please contact us. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. How to see the ball better while batting? Thread starter jsingh Start date Sep 11, Hi guys, so this question is to all the expert batsmen out there. How do you see the ball better?

I am really not good at batting but I would like to improve. One thing that has stopped me playing better is inability to see the ball right after it gets out of the hands of a bowler. After that, it's just hit or miss for me.

I've read and seen batsmen leading with the head in their initial movement and tend to look down to the ground after bowler delivers the ball. Does looking into the ground after delivery helps? Do you have enough time to play? What are some other strategies or techniques that you use? Thanks for helping. Hurricane Hall of Fame Member. Maximas Cricketer Of The Year. Head still, so many times I've focused on this and I've found I'm able to pick up the ball much earlier and maintain better balance and shape whilst playing a shot than before, Hurricane listed some other good points.

Watch some high level ping pong and focus extra hard on following the ball. Alternatively you can try chasing the floaters in your eyes. Last edited: Sep 11, SLA Cricket Spectator. YorksLanka International Debutant. Fully agree with what everyone says about keeping your head still.

One thing i have tried this season with reasonable success is opening up your stance a little bit so that instead of being fully side on and relying on just one eye, you are slightly more open and therefore you get both eyes helping.. Personally, keeping the head level ie as Hurricane said, both eyes parallel to the ground is more important than focusing on keeping the head still, especially when you're still inexperienced.

For this, it's really important to have a properly balanced stance. So just concentrate on having a comfortable, level stance at the crease and the head falls into place pretty much on its own. Consciously focusing on keeping my head still led to me becoming overly rigid and tight in my stance and I've heard this happen to others too. Last edited: Sep 18, Esperance U19 Cricketer. Should've gone to Specsavers. Blocky Banned. Playing faster ball sports like Squash helped me, but nothing helped me as much as facing faster bowlers and watching the ball - actually watching the ball.

Almost every cricketer at club level and even some at first class do not actually watch the ball properly, those that do watch the ball also take their eyes off the ball before their bat hits the ball - the key is to watch the ball right onto your bat, especially in defense and look to play as late as you can to give yourself more time. I tended to focus intently on the ball, I tried to see it in the bowlers hand as he was running up and I'd look to watch it all the way through to my bat.

I did a lot of work with a bowling machine much harder to pick up the ball at higher speeds and practiced solely watching the hole where the ball would move into, then watching the ball carefully onto my bat, playing everything below my eyes.

I'd do that every single time I was on the bowling machine and even with throwdowns and would never look to play anything away from my body, that helped me get used to actually watching the ball onto the bat, helped me pick up the ball much easier and I would then use bowlers to start working on driving the ball and pushing infront of my pads on the off drive - but even then, watch the ball onto the bat.

That's one thing a lot of people just do not do. You must log in or register to reply here.

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