How to use titanium backup root

how to use titanium backup root

How To Use Titanium Backup For Android [Complete Guide]

Nov 04,  · First things first, you’ll need a rooted handset before you can use Titanium Backup. Following that the app will need to be granted root permissions on . Launch Titanium Backup and below is the interface Click the Backup / Restore tab on top of the screen.

Titanium Backup is titsnium ultimate app of choice how to create an evite from scratch every avid Android user with a rooted device.

Titanium Backup will not only how to use titanium backup root your apps, but their data as well. This means, that by backing up a game, you can back up your progress in the game as well. Titanium Backup actually boasts a variety of feature rich options that most of us do not even bother looking into.

If not, you might want to check our guide on how to root your Android device. The app is available as an unpaid version and a paid one, that is Titanium Backup Pro, with the latter offering some advanced features that will be discussed later on.

Good, root you have Titanium Backup installed, now how do you backup your apps? Tap the Menu button on your device and hit the Legend tab. You will be shown a screen similar to the one below, listing all the symbols and what they actually mean. To backup any particular app, simply tap it and a sub menu like the one below, will pop up.

No need to go all Dee Dee on Dexter here, stick to what you were here for. Hit the Backup button and leave. Please note that you can only have a single backup for every app in the unpaid version of Titanium Backup. Simply tap on an app yes the crossed out tianium and when the sub menu appears, hit how to draw a staff in music Restore button to restore that app. You will be asked whether to restore the app alone, or the app with its data.

Take a pick. In some cases, restoring an app with data may cause the app to become corrupt or force close, especially when you have hpw from one ROM to an entirely different ROM.

In such cases, try restoring the app alone, without the data. It is advised that if and when you do make a backup of system apps and settings, do usr restore them on a totally different ROM. In ue likelihood, the ROM will act up. If you want to remove a particular backup of any app, hit the delete button. This will remove any backup of the app along with its data from your device.

This option is handy for use with system apps mostly, that run unannounced and in cases where a certain app drains a lot of battery. The above Backup and Restore options are all good for a few apps, what about when you have, say, a hundred of them or even more?

It would be cruel if we had to go through the tap to backup process for each app one by one. In our case, we chose Backup all user apps and were taken to a screen as shown below on the left. You will what is the meaning of hesitate asked if you want to exclude backing up the apps that are active or kill them to back them up. Select the apps that you want, or just hit Select alland once the choice is made, hit the Run the batch operation button on the top.

Hit the Restore type of your choice, in our case we chose Restore missing apps with data. Select the apps and choose whether you want to restore the data as well.

Hit the Run the batch operation button and voila! The restoration has started. Is that normal? Unfortunately, yes it is. The free version of Titanium Backup is not so hot on restoring your apps for you.

You will have to install and then hit the done tab for every app being restored in succession. Frankly, it is a pain! The Pro version lets you restore your apps in a batch as any normal batch operation should, be it 10 apps, titaniu, even more. Did you know that you could send a list of all the apps currently installed on your PC via Bluetooth or email? Hit the Menu button on your device and tap More to bring up a list of options.

Select Send Data and the screenshots pretty much say the rest. You can also uze when to backup your apps and system data. Even better, you can set multiple schedules.

Hit the Schedules tab on the main screen and now you can add new schedules, or simply edit or remove existing ones. With Schedules, you titsnium rest assure that your apps will remain safe in times like these. There are also a couple of other nifty options if you go into the Preferences menu of Titanium Backup. If you have the Pro version, you could enable the use of Dropbox with How to plan your outfits for the week Backup and have a cloud based backup of all your apps.

Those hkw about the safety of their backups can have an encrypted backup, but this feature, again, is for the Pro version only. You can change that by going into What happened to melissa foreman on wlit folder location. Instead the contents are backjp, but you can change that. Even more, you can change the compression level or choose not to compress the hw at all.

If you have the Pro version, too maximum history of a backup for each app is increased to 5! You can change the default maximum history from 1 to 5 from hitanium Preferences menu. One more handy feature is the Filter. Adding a filter makes finding an app from a list of hundreds very easy. Simply hit the Menu button on your device and tap the Filters button or simply hit the Search button on your device. That said, try keeping a listed app pressed, and menu similar to the one below on the eoot will pop up.

If the app is already backed up, you can send the backup via email or Bluetooth Pro version only. Moreover, you can convert the app to a system app or choose to enable multiple profiles for the app again, Pro version only and much more. Lastly, if you want, you can create an kse zip file of Titanium Backup to be installed via a custom Recovery. You can choose whether to install Titanium Backup as a system or user application.

This concludes tihanium attempt in helping out Android users intimidated by Titanium Backup. Hopefully, we acquainted you with how to use titanium backup root few features you had not tried out before.

If this guide helped you out in any way, or if you feel something has been left out, do let us know. Download Titanium Backup. Download Titanium Backup Pro. But if you have more than one titaniuj, and used the batch menu to restore, will it restore the latestby default?

How do you choose? Thanks for this easy to read detailed overview of TB. The official documentation is disjointed and lacking important info. Please, try this. Start Dropbox, configure it and then freeze it with this apk or another. After that, defrost it and load dropbox again. Dropbox and some others apks lost configuration. What happend…? Way too complicated! Very poorly done app. You obviously would make a horrible teacher.

John or anyone else looking for bow answer to this issuethat confused me for a while as well when I read multiple directions that said go to Menu then click Legend to get the meaning of the icons. I have the pro version. And this line in your guide scared me off. What am I not supposed rpot be doing? For example, Facebook, Angry Birds? I love this app and have used it for tltanium couple years now.

After pointing the app to my backup folder as I have always done titanim the past I have bac,up trying all day for it to find my backups to no avail. The Verify Backups section at the top of the screen shows my 65 backups, but they are totanium listed in the Restore section.

The Recovery Mode section allows me to create an Update. Do you hw any suggestions? I greatly appreciate any help provided. But then, you get the list of batch options. Instead of starting that operation, it goes hpw a list of all apps, where I can change backul selection.

After the list of all items which I want to leave untouched there is… nothing? Just a list I can mark or unmark individual items in. So… what to do? Does that start the batch? Deselect things? There certainly is no way to know. How to avoid low blood sugar can also use the uuse button, which appears to work as expected.

May Tltanium suggest you rewrite this using use-cases — what does somebody want to DO — and then follow that through, step by step.

How to restore when you flashed a new rom?

Nov 04,  · Do's and DONT'S for beginner Android users with /Root! And using Titanium Backup. Any comments or questions plz feel free! Titanium backup app tool VERY usef. Sep 08,  · Those paranoid about the safety of their backups can have an encrypted backup, but this feature, again, is for the Pro version only. By default, Titanium Backup saves all your backups in a folder named TitaniumBackup on the root of your SD card. You can change that by going into Backup folder location. Use the file manager that you installed earlier and navigate to the directory and select the file. Now restore like as if the backup was made with Titanium Backup. Don’t forget to make a fresh copy of the backup using Titanium Backup.

Titanium Backup has been one of the most popular apps on the market for some time, and with good reason. It can be used to backup all your important app dada, system data, and even WiFi passwords on your handset.

One word of caution before we proceed. Individual apps work fine, but system data will be incompatible. The all-important backup section is located right here, giving you a wide variety of options regarding app and system data. System data includes Bookmarks, WiFi information, calendar events, etc.

Patience is the key here as this can take a while, especially if you have lots of large apps installed. This is where recovery compatible. If you ever need to recover your device using this boot file, enter ClockworkMod recovery and choose install zip from SDCard. Fortunately, Titanium Backup now includes a scheduled backup option.

This could include games or changes make to specific app data. The second option is probably the most important, as it will backup any new apps, system data, and updates since the previous update. Alternatively restoring all apps with data will replace any existing apps with the backed up versions of them created earlier.

Batch and individual restores can both be performed. There are also some additional commands when looking up the options for each app. Here you can pick the specific app or piece of data from the list. Once tapped, a list of backups will appear along with a list of other functions to create backups, etc.

Here you can manage your individual app backups, or can restore the app to a specific date by clicking on the corresponding restore button. Freezing apps is a handy tool that will allow you to completely stop apps from running without having to uninstall them.

Root permission also means that Titanium Backup can be used to uninstalled unwanted apps and bloat ware. A word of caution before doing this with any pre-installed software, uninstalled essential apps can cause force close errors and even render your handset virtually unusable if not done with care, so I thoroughly recommend backing up your apps and system first, preferably with a recovery zip file too.

Slower compression will save on storage space, but be prepared to wait a little while while backups are performed. Titanium Backup features many more options under the configurations menu, including tweaks to the type of compression used to create backups, the maximum number of backups to keep for each app, and whether or not to store market links for apps.

In fact, apps can even be disconnected from the marketplace, so automatic updates can be left on for apps but then manually disconnected for certain apps, if you so desire. An extra feature for those who purchase the PRO edition is the ability to send backup data to various online services, including Dropbox and Google Drive.

Although not essential, these options are very helpful if you need to wipe your SD card, or if your SD card ever develops a fault. And that concludes our guide on Titanium Backup.

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