How to train your dragon names of dragon characters

how to train your dragon names of dragon characters

Dragons: Riders of Berk Characters

This category contains articles of characters in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise and book free to add relevant articles / media files into this category. The Art of How to Train Your Dragon; The Art of How to Train Your Dragon 2; The Art of How to Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World; World of Dragons; Book of Dragons; To Berk and Beyond; The Serpent's Heir; Dragonvine; Comics.

Of the dozens of known dragons, the Vikings of the Hairy Hooligan Tribe prefer to classify them into seven different classes. Stoker Class dragons are hot-headed fire breathers. This class includes dragons that can set themselves on fire, as well as most of the smaller dragon species.

A Stoker Class dragon losing its fire is a sign that it is going to die, although its flames can be reignited by a Fireworm Queen's venom or by eating their Flame Gel combs. The dragon species included in the Stoker Class are:. Boulder Class dragons are tough dragons and are associated with the earth.

They can eat rocks, and although they have small wings relative to their body size, they are able to fly as fast and as high as most other dragons can. The dragon species included in the Boulder Class are:. The Tracker Class is a new class discovered in Race to the Edge.

This is due to the fact that dragons have now been tamed and trained. The symbol of this class reuses the Fear Class symbol, despite what do panty liners look like Hideous Zippleback not belonging to this Class.

Natural born hunters, Tracker Class dragons have a highly acute sense of smell or taste that enables them to track down and find things.

The dragon species included in this class are. Sharp Class dragons are vain and prideful species, and they all possess sharp body parts. The dragons included in this class are.

Tidal Class dragons live in or near the ocean, and unlike most dragons, they do not breathe fire as their ranged attacks, and although very few can, they rarely do use them. The dragons in this class are generally larger in size than most of the other classes. Hiccup also stated that Tidal Class dragons don't react well to signs of aggression. The dragons included are:. Little is known about the Mystery Class dragons due to how stealthy and sneaky they are.

Dragons in this class are generally more feared than those in the other dragon classes. The dragon species included are:.

The dragons in this class are some of the rarest of all dragons, and some are close to extinction. They are also the most difficult to train but the most loyal once they have been trained, they are also generally among the most panda panda what do you see dragons.

The Alpha Dragon is the individual in the dragon community with the highest known rank. The role of Alpha is often won by combat, sometimes to the death, but not necessarily. How to file harassment charges in iowa winner of the battle will win both the rank of Alpha and the loyalty of all dragonkind. Alpha's natural duty is to protect all dragons and guarantee peace among them, thus it is a very important role for the survival of dragonkind.

Unfortunately, this role can be seriously abused as seen in the events caused by the Drago's Bewilderbeast. The reasons for this lack of information varies. Firstly, it is simply because the dragon is too new or had only made very few appearances in media. Usually, this happens when the dragon was created by a company other than DreamWorks. The currently unclassified dragons are an original dragon from the Arena Spectacular, the four remaining unknown dragons in How to Train Your Dragon 2, the unknown dragons on Hiccup's map in How to Train Your Dragon 2, the three unidentified dragons that appear in the Book of Dragons, the flightless dragon that appears at the end of Burning Midnight, two dragon species from Race to the Edge, and one that is considered to be mythical.

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Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. D&D Beyond. Toothless: Cressida Cowell. Are you interested in the characters from the movies, the characters from the original book series, or both? The movie franchise is only loosely based on the original book series. While most characters in the original books share the names with those in the movies and TV series, their personalities and appearance have been altered, and sometimes significantly. This category contains articles of any characters appearing or mentioned in the Book, How to Train Your free to add relevant articles / media files into this category.

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