How to study for c.s foundation

how to study for c.s foundation

How to Pass CS Foundation in First Attempt

Apr 07,  · You have to be always kept in mind that While preparing for CS Foundation Programme you should study the complete study material thoroughly and concentrate on the concepts rather than mugging the I want to give some tips by following which you can able to pass your CS Foundation Exam. ¦?Study the Whole Concept rather than doing selective chapters funlovestory.comted Reading Time: 5 mins. Jan 04,  · But for the foundation programme, you may skip the coaching option and rather focus on self-study and clearing your concept with hard work and dedication yourself. Tip No. 3 – Stay focused. It is of utmost importance that the candidate stays focussed while preparing for the CS Foundation program examination. There is not much time left for the exam.

Usually, CS plays a vital role in the financial and legal management of a company. A Company Secretary can act as the chief legal advisor to the Board of Directors in a company and performs secretarial audits for public-listed companies.

CS is supposed to be an expert in matters of corporate governance and deals with regulatory compliance-related issues in any organization. The how to be a super nerd CS Program duration is 2. The student is systematically acquainted with accounting and business practices at the Foundation Level, which has 4 papers.

The Executive Programme is divided into 2 modules, including 7 pieces, and is focused on company laws, tax laws, and company accounting and auditing practices. The Professional Programme is divided into 4 modules, including a total of 8 papers. This Level focuses on company secretarial practice, corporate governance, restructuring, and strategic management, among other advanced topics. Each exam at each of the levels is of 4-hour duration with a 1-hour break in between. Still, to pursue the Professional Programme, it is mandatory first to complete the Executive Programme.

Oral Coaching: As part of formal education requirements, 30 lectures of 2 hours duration for each subject are mandatory for the Foundation Programme. For the Executive Programme, 35 classes of 2 hours for each subject are compulsory. For Professional Programme, 40 lectures of 2 hours duration for each topic of the professional Programme. It takes real hard work to become a CS, but it brings a great deal of trust, respect, and credibility and has its perks for sure. For one thing, Company Secretary is a highly valued designation that validates the legal and management expertise of a professional in managing corporate affairs.

Their exam format varies from multiple choice questions, Optical Mark Recognition, and open book examinations. Study guides for each of the subjects,s including practice test papers, can also be downloaded for free from the ICSI website.

Work out a plan for handling lengthy questions that can consume a lot of time. Do not lose track of time while attempting them, and move on to the next problem as fast as possible. Do not always think about the time constraints and the number of questions yet to be attempted. Avoid panic at all costs, and remain calm and composed to be able to give your best. Make it a point to support your line of reasoning and conclusions with legal provisions and display your analytical prowess while writing answers.

CS is meant for highly ambitious yet focused individuals who are determined to carve a niche for themselves in the field of corporate law and finance. The most defining aspect of this course is its unflinching focus on how to study for c.s foundation while dealing with finance, law, and accounting as some of the integral elements to be dealt with while managing the affairs of an organization.

After completing CS, a professional can look forward to working with top-level management in a company while acting as an advisor to the Board of Directors, CEO, or MD. It opens up an exciting yet intensely competitive field for a professional to play a direct role in critical corporate decision making. The level of responsibility is that much higher, but so are the perks. This has been a guide to CS Exam. Here we discuss what the CS exam is, why you should pursue it, its fees, structure, passing strategies, tips, tricks, etc.

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But it is not easy to decide on which one to take up. And if the Company Secretary career is making you tempted to pursue it, please take a minute to read about the program thoroughly. Our attempt below can help you with your confusion and make it easy for you to decide how much does it cost to ship an envelope overnight your future.

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Apr 29,  · Subjects in the CS Foundation Course. Below mentioned are the subjects that one has to study to clear the CS Foundation Exam. English and Business Communication; Economics and Statistics; Financial Accounting; Elements of Business Laws and Management; CS Foundation Syllabus. Check out CS Foundation full funlovestory.comted Reading Time: 5 mins. These are some of the tips I'd give to study on your own for CS foundation: Depend on institute study materials. It's important to understand that no amount of reference materials is as effective as your institute study materials. Every corner of those books may be tested and it's essential to be prepared for that. 2. Solve mock test papers. May 20,  · Choose the ‘Study Material’ option. Click on it and then click on the ‘Foundation programme’ on the next page. After clicking on the foundation programme, you will see the four papers of the CS Foundation exam. Hit on each paper and download CS Foundation Study Materials for each subject from the official funlovestory.comted Reading Time: 5 mins.

CS Foundation Course Details. Here we are providing complete details about CS Foundation Course. CS Foundation is the first stage to clear for becoming CS i. Here in this article, you will find the following —. Here you can get full information about CS Foundation Course details. Check out CS Foundation full Syllabus. Here we are providing CS Foundation full syllabus for all the subjects.

So, this is all about CS Foundation Course. If you still have any doubts regarding the CS Foundation Course, ask us via comment box. You can watch a few demo lectures by SuperProfs for CS and see if you would want to consider subscribing to our video series for a better shot at clearing the CS examination. Download the App. Such a candidate before becoming eligible for undergoing coaching for the Intermediate examination is required to undergo satisfactorily a course of postal or oral tuition for those subjects of the foundation examination which he had not studied at the graduate or postgraduate level, after registration as a student.

Numerous foreign companies looking forward to having their installation in India, ever happening corporate activities like expansions, mergers, collaboration, joint ventures, and acquisitions will make sure that there are enough CS job opportunities in India. This will be extra beneficial for you since you can save money that you would have to spend on living alone and bearing your expenses. You can also save the effort in doing your household chores and invest that time and energy in studying.

What is the eligibility for CS Foundation exams? What are the subjects in CS Foundation exam syllabus? What is the exemption criteria for CS Foundation? What is the future prospect for Company Secretaries in India? How can I prepare for my exams?

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