How to make a stand up calendar

how to make a stand up calendar

'Stand Up to Hate'

Dec 20,  · Learn how to make a mail-able Stand Up Calendar Card with the Stampin' Up! Flourishing Phrases Bundle. See the blog post at: Cut a length of ribbon to about 3 inches. Glue one end of the ribbon to the bottom center of one side of the cardboard. Extend the cardboard into an upside down "V" shape and secure the opposite end of the ribbon to the other side of the cardboard. The ribbon will be between the legs of the "V" to keep the stand from falling flat.

I would like to comment on letters to the editor featured in the Feb. Many Berne residents were surprised and saddened to learn that Anita will not seek re-election as town clerk and frankly, shocked at her stated reasons for not seeking reelection. After reading her letter in The Altamont Enterprise, we learned the demeaning stan and appalling treatment of her by satnd Berne Democratic Committee.

Who could blame her for not seeking re-election calendaf associating with them? Speak loudly with your vote! As we have been told, the shelf life of COVID vaccines is limited and speed and coordination imperative in setting up clinics and resident evil 5 how to upgrade weapons personnel to have vaccines timely distributed and administered.

So, hats off and kudos to Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple and how do you turn ounces into pounds staff for reaching out to knowledgeable Hilltown town clerks like Anita, and volunteers like Karen Stark, Alice Gibbs, EMTs and numerous others who worked as a team to make this enormous effort a huge success.

Incredulously the thoughtless Facebook posts accused Mrs. Clayton of scheduling only Republican nake for vaccines! Such insensitive fatuous partisan posts went over like a lead balloon with Anita.

I can only imagine how Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple, his staff, town clerks, EMTs and other volunteers who gave their time and expertise to this event calendxr when they learned of these Facebook posts. I wholeheartedly agree with Anita: Those who would spread acrimony by exploiting the unfortunate death of a town resident and deride an important vaccine event to score political points are despicable.

We should stand up and defend our town from those who are trying to hurt it. Sorry to disappoint you, Kevin, but you are wrong. I write my own letters. I would not know Mr. Spargo if he were sitting across a table from me at Maple on the Lake. Stand up with Anita and speak loudly with your vote!

During the month of March there were 20 calls for the Helderberg Ambulance squad. The majority of the calls were illness related and were mostly Basic Life Support calls. The Altamont Enterprise is focused on hyper-local, high-quality journalism. We produce free election guides, curate readers' opinion pieces, and engage with important local issues. Subscriptions open full access to our work and make it possible. Skip to bow content. The Altamont Enterprise.

Search form Search. You are here Home. Sign up Log In Support us. Thursday, March 18, - To the Editor: I makr like to comment on letters to the editor featured in the Feb.

Robert J. Motschmann III Ti. More Letters to the Editor Waste-to-energy is ho solution at all. Fran Porter, Altamont. Plastic waste is harmful, do your part to control litter. Helene G. Goldberger, Berne. Consider a subscription. Albany County, New York.

How to Make a Photo Calendar

Jerry Corley’s Stand Up Comedy Clinic is hands down the top comedy school in Los Angeles. Jerry has an unmatched ability to break down the art of comedy into a science, imparting breakthrough comedy writing techniques and formulas to his classes in a high-energy, performance style, that will not only teach you the comedy writing secrets the. Stand Up Placer is dedicated to saving lives by empowering survivors and educating communities about how to stand up to domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking. Donating as little as $5 will make a big difference in the life of someone in need. THIS is YOUR chance to make small changes for a big impact! Starting at 10 AM CDT daily, Stand Up 4 Grain Safety Week offers a Kickoff Event on Monday and virtual training Tuesday-Friday, each day with a different focus and resources available! Tentative Agenda (Register for one or all events).

Or you already have experience, but want to take it to the next level? You want to learn to write comedy for sitcoms, late night television or magazines? Or do you just want to learn how to be funny in your everyday life, to get more customers, get more response from your students or your meetings or even your congregation?

Learning Comedy has never been easier! Jerry demonstrates the structure of how jokes are formulated and gets you creating jokes from scratch right away. Notice how the students maintain their own personalities… Be advised, there is some adult language.

Comedy instructor Jerry Corley briefly discusses comedy structure with the audience during a class showcase at the comedy store. My sole goal is to provide the comedian or comedy writer with all the tools they need to truly command their ability to write jokes and comedy routines on anything they want, whenever they desire. Learn How to be a Stand Up Comedian. So you want to learn how to be a stand up comedian? A Bold View on Comedy…. The result is success… my students get work. About Jerry Corley….

Actor and Screenwriter with two scripts currently in development. The Clinic…. Be Funny… Get Paid. Watch the most recent Student Comedy Showcase! Jerry Corley Talks Comedy Structure Comedy instructor Jerry Corley briefly discusses comedy structure with the audience during a class showcase at the comedy store.

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