How to make a pringles bong

how to make a pringles bong

Making a pringles can bong

Aug 25, †∑ What's up y'all I'm back in here for another how to I'm making this Pringles bong an showin y'all how too idk y the video is side ways but I hope y'all enjoy. Apr 02, †∑ Made a pringles tube bong for no reason but I thought I would video my bud rippin it. Made a pringles tube bong for no reason but I thought I would video my bud rippin it.

Check out this video that he made of how to make a marijuana steamroller out of a can of Pringles. A few weeks ago, I wrote a blog regarding the differences between addiction and dependence. I published it on social media and received some negative.

Highclass This woman is more than meets. Portable Vaporizers Desktop vaporizers have been around for bonh, but portable vaporizers are still a relatively new concept. Thanks to improvements in technology over. Since legalization of both medical and recreational cannabis, pringled and ro people are coming into the fold of becoming regular toker. As ;ringles becomes more.

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Guide To Portable Vaporizers Portable Vaporizers Desktop vaporizers have been around for bohg, but portable vaporizers are still a relatively new concept. August 12, No Comments. July 27, No Comments. How To Roll A Joint With A Crutch Since legalization of both medical and what did martin luther king cannabis, more prungles more people are coming into the fold of becoming regular toker.

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Mar 10, †∑ I'm mainly using the pringles can part to conceal the real bong that will be inside of the can. I have a hose for a detachable shower that I'm going to use for the breather (kinda like a hookah). I know it won't be a permanent replacement for a real bong, but I do want to make it last as long as I can. Any good ideas would be greatly appreciated. Sep 04, †∑ Step 1. Now that you have your tools remember itís very similar to the plastic bottle bong we touched on earlier. Take your Pringles can and make a small hole at the bottom of the container approximately 1/3 the distance from the bottom. Then hollow out a pen to act as your down stem. Oct 11, †∑ Itís times like this that you should be thankful for the real MacGyver of marijuana, Master Bong. Check out this video that he made of how to make a marijuana steamroller out of a can of Pringles. Admittedly, itís not the most complicated piece of all time, but it works like a charm!

Joined: Oct 29, Messages: 17 Likes Received: Not sure I this is the right place for this thread. I've done my research on this and haven't found to much info that I can use. I'm mainly using the pringles can part to conceal the real bong that will be inside of the can. I have a hose for a detachable shower that I'm going to use for the breather kinda like a hookah. I know it won't be a permanent replacement for a real bong, but I do want to make it last as long as I can.

Any good ideas would be greatly appreciated. I'm a college dorm student so my resources are a little limited. I will post pics of the final result. Also just for the record I would buy a bong but ice got no place to keep it besides my car but cops around are fucking dicks and will pull you over and search your shit for any reason they want to make up. Joined: Sep 15, Messages: 1, Likes Received: I would use an apple. The things you listed won't mix well with smoke.

Joined: Apr 12, Messages: Likes Received: I would say just get an acrylic straight tube and that will fit perfect, while still keeping the weight of the Pringles can down to normal. Joined: Oct 26, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 4, I wouldn't do it but back in high school I thought about it but the hole's too wide. You don't care about your health? Okay man whatever floats your boat. Rubber or plastic tubing is just as bad if not worse than the smoke touching the can.

Good luck on your creation. Joined: Oct 24, Messages: Likes Received: Interesting Idea but it seems way to complicated, could hide the tube in the can but where would the bowl go? Id try another route. On a side note, I have made a steamroller out of a full size Pringles can-needless to say it was near impossible to clear haha. Like I said the smoke isn't actually touching the can bro.

The can is just to conceal. And the bowl part is one thing I have to figure out ha. I plan on being able to detach the bowl to where it's only a hole near the bottom of the can, and the hose being able to be stored inside the can.

Joined: Apr 15, Messages: Likes Received: Glass ftw. Here's to all my haters. Little window to see the smoke. Proof that it works. This is also just a rough draft, any new idea would be appreciated. Had a friend suggest a handle haha.

This bong is awesome for riding and smoking, fits right in the cup holder and has a hose so you only have to take your eyes off the road for a second to light it, or have a friend do it and be completely road safe haha.

Joined: Oct 10, Messages: 2, Likes Received: 1, Is that bowl made out of duct tape? And I love when people say stuff like "here's to all my haters.

Get a glass spoon or something, shit if you give me your address and pay for shipping ill send you a pipe I made if you promise not to smoke out of that thing anymore. Joined: Feb 16, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1, Seriously, the best way you can make a home made bong is a thick gatorade bottle, empty high lighter tube.

Melt a small hole, smaller in diameter than the highlighter. Then while the plastic is still warn push the high lighter into the bottle so its an airtight hole. Then you can either use nuts, bolts, salt shaker top, pretty much any metal that doesbt have a coating on it. It's not duct tape bowl ha that's just what's holding the bowl in place. Used a lighter top. People kill me on these forums ha. There is nothing harmful about this at all lol.

I'm not burning anything that could harm me. Like I said that was a rough draft like just seeing if it would actually work. There is a water bottle inside there so nothing is touching the cardboard but the bottle and the pen tube that I used for the stem. I can see how it looks like a duct tape bowl from the pic. Also used electrical tape to hold the pen in place on the bottle and to keep it from leaking, which woks very well. Most dangerous thing I've got going is the fact that I have changed the water in a couple days.

Joined: Nov 27, Messages: 1, Likes Received: Joined: Jul 13, Messages: 14, Likes Received: 26, I am just going to repost something I did a while ago! Now, I know you guys think using plastic in a bong is a bad idea, but you may not realize just how bad it is for your health! You may have younger family members who may be tempted to make a plastic bong, please show them this- It is a PubMed translation from French, so I'll even translate the "Sci-Speak" for you!

Just skip the italics. Fatal alveolar haemorrhage following a "bang" of cannabis Fatal lung hemorrhage after using a bong with cannabis The new methods of cannabis consumption home made water pipe or "bang" may be responsible for fatal respiratory complications.

We present a case, with fatal outcome, of a man of 19 years with no previous history other than an addiction to cannabis using "bang". He was admitted to intensive care with acute dyspnoea. Bongs are a new way of using cannabis. Here we have a healthy 19 year old pot smoker dying. He was admitted with severe breathing trouble. A CT scan showed bilateral, diffuse alveolar shadowing. He was anaemic with an Hb of 9. Bronchoalveolar lavage revealed massive alveolar haemorrhage.

He was bleeding into his lungs. Investigations for infection and immunological disorder were negative and toxicology was negative except for cannabis. Antibiotic treatment was given and favourable progress allowed early discharge.

He was healthy except for using cannabis. He quickly got better when we gave him antibiotics, so we discharged him. Death occurred 15 days later due to alveolar haemorrhage following a further "bang" of cannabis.

Autopsy showed toxic alveolar haemorrhage. He was dead 15 days later due to lung hemorrhaging after smoking more pot. The autopsy showed that it was chemical damage causing the bleeding. The probable mechanism is pulmonary damage due to acid anhydrides released by the incomplete combustion of cannabis in contact with plastic. The burning pot and plastic made some nasty acidic fumes.

These acids have a double effect on the lungs: a direct toxicity with severe inflammation of the mucosa leading to alveolar haemorrhage and subsequently the acid anhydrides may lead to the syndrome of intra-alveolar haemorrhage and anaemia described in occupational lung diseases by Herbert in Oxford in These acids do a double whammy on your lungs: first the acid burns and poisons your lungs, causing to them swelling up and then the little air sacks and blood vessels start to rupture; a dude named Dr.

Herbert wrote about how this really messed your lungs up. It manifests itself by haemoptysis and intravascular haemolysis. A person who has this is coughing up blood, and their blood cells are literally breaking down into bits in their veins. We draw attention to the extremely serious potential consequences of new methods of using cannabis, particularly the use of "bang" in homemade plastic materials. This whole thing freaked us out because we can see the possibility of more deaths because of the use of plastic in bongs where it can get in contact with burning pot.

Yea listen to granny. A pen tube for a stem, a plastic bottle for a bong, and I have no idea what your talking about for the bowl. Ya sounds really harmless Maybe if I was 16 and desperate. That shit looks nasty lmao. Joined: Apr 29, Messages: 1, Likes Received: 1, Joined: Aug 9, Messages: Likes Received: Dude make a bong out of a mason jar, metal tire gauge stripped of insides , a socket bowl , surgical tubing hose.

If your to lazy or cheap to aquire these items I will send you an old bubbler I made just like someone else said as long as you pay shipping. That plastic is soooo terrible.

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