How to make a lion mask out of paper

how to make a lion mask out of paper

Handprint and Paper Plate Lion Masks

How To Make Handprint and Paper Plate Lion Masks Start making your lion mask by drawing out the shape you can see in the photo above onto the back of your paper plate. Cut out the shape carefully and retain it to make your lion mask ears. Paint the front of both pieces of paper plate whatever colour you want your lion. Sep 18,  · Using a pencil, draw your lion on your paper plate. Step 2 Paint your lion. Step 3 Once your paint dries, use your scissors and craft knife to cut out different parts of the mask. I snipped out triangles around the mask to create a mane. I also cut out portions of the eyes. Next, I cut around the ears, the nose, and the whiskers and folded them.

Use the pattern to create a helmet-style mask, and discover how it would feel to be a lion for a few hours. Or you can display the lion on your wall or create a treasured gift for someone who loves these big, beautiful cats. This is a downloadable PDF Pattern with full instructions. And remember — if you have any problems downloading your files or putting your pattern together, just let me know. You can use all the pattern pieces and create a helmet-style mask to wear at a fancy-dress party or for Halloween.

Or leave off the cap portion, and use your lion as a display mask. It looks fantastic on a wall. Or make a custom mane with a softer material, mxke yarn or raffia. To see how I made the lion at the top of the page with its raffia mane, watch the laper video below. Finished size: Helmet-style mask — about About 7. If you have a question about putting your pattern together or painting makw, leave a comment below or on the Daily Sculptors page.

I read all comments and answer them as soon as I can, usually within a few hours. Some of my readers might ideas for you, too — we have a very supportive community on this site. Downloading your files: To see exactly how the downloading process should work, click here. This is a one-person business, but I check my inbox regularly and will respond as fast as I can.

Lion King Headdress Mask Patterns. African Animal Sculpture and Mask Patterns. Fan Favorites Sculpture and Mask Patterns. How big is this mask — will it be huge on the wall to hang? Also can it be made as only as a wall hanging and not a helmut? Does it lie flush with the wall all around? Is it difficult to assemble? Hi Joanne. There are instructions with maks pattern that show you how to use a piece on the back to hang it on the wall instead of making hod helmet section for wearing.

Thank you so much—found you thru some searches and have watched all your lion paper mache and concrete mold to get ideas and then found that you have a pattern—what a blessing!!!

Hi Angi. The hanger piece is a half-circle that holds the upper portion of the head in the correct shape. In fact, right after I finished my mask for the video, I removed the helmet part and replaced it with the hanger piece so I could put it on my wall.

You can use 1. The thickness of the cardboard will give you some definition for the eyelids, and the ball can be covered with thin strips of paper mache, made from newspaper.

You can see me doing that when I put paper mache on my cow mask. You can use paper mache clay for the rest of your lion if you want, or use paper strips and paste for all of it. Either way, it will look very nice. One of my other readers sent me a photo of his lion, which he made by printing the pattern smaller.

It looked really nice, and none of the detail was lost. Thank you so much for the great ideas—I purchasing the pattern and will try and start on it this weekend! Hi Bonnie. Then tape on your new back pattern piece. If you try this, please let us know how it turns out! Thanks so much.

You can print it on larger paper to make an over-sized mask. We have an almost life-sized donkey that we transform every year into the current VBS theme. I just guesstimated since we crafty people are not always good at math. Luckily, it fits. I will post before and after pics when finished. You could absolutely use this pattern for your VBS! The pattern and directions are extremely well written. I am in the middle of trying to how to turn a cap gun into a airsoft gun the pattern, but it seems like my lion mouth.

PLus, the nostrils seem really close together not providing much space for the nose. I am a first timer, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Hi Stephanie. It should look like the photo below after the mouth and nose have been taped together. The nose will push the two sides of the muzzle apart. Does your lion look different than the photo? I plan to use different materials for the what is a solar system mobile called and to round the face out a bit on one to differentiate between Mufasa and Grown Up Simba.

I cannot figure out how to alter this pattern to make it work in this fashion. I believe I can use the wrap-around style to make it maek it will fit on top of a head but I am having difficulty figuring out how to mount the head on top rather than in front and then, how to finish off the back so that it can be viewed from all angles.

Hi Christine. The lion mask was not made especially for the lion king play, so it will need to be customized. Or friend Kevin Doheny wrote a guest post for us showing us how he attached his lion king masks to a baseball jow.

The lion mask might be a lot heavier how to get into share market his zebra mask, though. If anyone has some suggestions for us for using the mask on top of the head, it would be very much appreciated!

Jonni, thanks so much for trying to figure this out! I do love the internet for just this reason. Well, I apologize for the long delay in getting back to you on my psper using your mask pattern to create Lion King Jr. You can now advertise that your mask pattern can be used in three ways: wall hanging, over the head mask AND as a headdress-style mask!

Thank goodness I could use the simple painting required for Disney-esque results because my skills definitely are limited in this area. For the manes, I tl thick cotton cording three fat strands twisted together to create the rope and unwound it all to get lots of usable hair. I used a variety of spray paints to oof them as I liked. To use a similar idea to your paoer table skirt, I attached the hair to strips of thin ribbon and then folded the hair above the ribbon back down over the back side and attached it there as well.

This gave me double thickness, made it easy to attach and hid the ribbon. Your paper mache clay was fabulous — dare I say life-changing? SO much easier than strips and such beautiful how to install beadboard paneling. I followed your ideas for using the joint compound on top to smooth and gesso to prep.

I will also add the picture of the Scar mask I ma,e since it also benefited from your clear guidance on all these topics. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Also, just by chance, I got better at rounding out the cardboard to make it more natural looking by the second mask — luckily, it also added to the differences between the two masks.

Wow — your masks are really nice Christine! And the way you managed to turn them into headdress-style masks is quite impressive. The kids love them! Just a photo and a few sentences would do. If that sounds like fun, you can find it here.

Simply splendid in every way. I ordered your lion mask and am having trouble getting the mouth right but I think it could be the way I did the muzzle and mouth, not sure. O I suppose to pull all the pieces at the cut up next to each other or just at the end, I did the 1st.

Fixing to start over. I am using medium weight. Thank you! Hi Ttracy. The muzzle piece has some long darts, which need to lioj taped together all the way from the points to the edges. And that really long piece that sticks out is then curved around and attached to the lower edge of the muzzle. And the medium chipboard should be stiff enough for this pattern.

You might want to completely cover it with masking tape after all the seams are taped together. That will keep the chipboard from getting wet from the paper mache and keep it from warping as the paper mache dries. I recently mqsk the how to become a emergency dispatcher mask template and I have blown the images up, so the pieces in the pattern are life size.

I am having issues getting started as well with the muzzle pieces. Should there be an opening underneath the muzzle or should it be completely closed off with all of the dart pieces connecting? The instructions for this part were unclear to me.

Two ways to use your lion mask:

Are your kids wildlife fans? These easy to make animal masks are super fun for the dressing up box and a great way to inspire dramatic play and story telling. New collective noun animal crafts will be posted by bloggers throughout March. A pride of lions is generally made up of a large group of females that are all related and just a few males, with one being dominant. Animal masks are a super way to promote imaginative play so before you get started on our Paper Plate Lion Mask Tutorial why not save some other paper plate mask crafts to your Pinterest or Facebook to try later too?

I can never resist a handprint craft can you? I love that this handprint and paper plate lion mask craft can be easily used to make both male and female lions. To make a lioness you simply leave off the handprint mane! Start making your lion mask by drawing out the shape you can see in the photo above onto the back of your paper plate. Paint the front of both pieces of paper plate whatever colour you want your lion. Yellow , orange or brown work really well.

You can use all one colour paint or a mixture. Fan out the straw lengths and trim both ends to a whisker size. This makes a fantastic lioness mask. If you want to make a male lion mask simply cut out your handprints and glue them all around the paper plate. You can use one colour or a mix like the photo below. Children can play with their paper plate lion mask by holding it in front of their face or you could make a hole in either side and tie on a section of elastic.

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