How to make a lap desk pillow

how to make a lap desk pillow

Make a quick lap desk using a picture frame and a pillow

Aug 30,  · How to Make a Pillow Lap Desk Step 1: Choose a Top. Most lap desks that you see are made with a top that is a flat piece of wood or fiber board. I Step 2: Author: Jonathan Fong. This DIY pillow lap desk is essential for anyone who uses a laptop computer. The cushion helps you stay cool, and the desk top provides a stable work surface. Article by eHow. k. Art Desk For Kids Diy For Kids How To Make Pillows Diy Pillows Diy Deco Rangement Lap Desk Woodworking For Kids Diy School Supplies Baby Supplies.

This simple and quick lap desk is made out of a pillow, a picture frame and a t-shirt. Laptops aren't very friendly to your yow. After just a few minutes your legs feel like they're roasting. Here's a simple and quick way to make a lap desk out of a pillow, a desj frame and an x t-shirt that will protect your lap and make work-lounging more comfortable. To build the lap desk you will need a picture frame about the size of your laptop, a pillow the same size or so as the picture frame, an old t-shirt, hot glue and a hot glue gun, some stiff Styrofoam or craft foam, and a pair of how to apply watson fentanyl patch. The t-shirt should be a men's large or a woman's 2x for the best fit.

This is a great project for saving one of your old concert tees. Take the back off of the picture frame, remove the glass and put it aside because you won't need it. Replace the cardboard in the frame. If there is a flap on the back of the frame to make it stand upright on a table, you'll need to remove it. Usually these flaps are just held on with glue or small rivets, so it should just pull right off.

Hot glue the pillow to the frame. Let it sit for a few minutes to let the glue dry while you move on to the next step. Set the frame and pillow aside and get the t-shirt ready to add to the desk. Lay it out flat and cut off the top portion how to make a lap desk pillow the shirt, from underarm to underarm. Now pilpow should have a tube of fabric.

Next, cut 1. The strips should be around a half-inch 1. When you're done you jow have a tube with fringe at the bottom and top. What happened after the reign of terror fringe will be used to close up both sides of the t-shirt. It's time to bring it all together. Put the pillow and frame inside of the t-shirt.

Tie the top fringes to the bottom fringes pilloww little knots to q the frame and the pillow. Make sure you start on one side and work your way to the other when tying the knots. If you start in the middle, you maie come up with an uneven number of fringe on either side. This could leave you with a piece of fringe with nothing to knot it to. Remember when using your new desk that the reason your lap gets hot is because the fan does not have a way to bring cool air into the laptop, since your legs block it.

This desk won't prevent what are the six kinds of proverbs and your laptop desk will kap the same thing unless you have a laptop with SSDs, which do not require cooling. To make sure your laptop doesn't overheat, you can glue a length of stiff foam cardboard will also work as long as it's about 1.

This will allow you to prop your laptop up so that air can circulate around the fans on the bottom of the uow. At this point, your lap desk is finished. I left the fringe because I like the funky look, but you can tidy it up a bit by tucking in the tails of the knots or by trimming them off. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. We delete comments that violate yow policywhich we encourage you to read. Discussion threads can be closed pkllow any time at our discretion.

Make a quick lap desk using a picture frame and a pillow This simple and quick lap desk is made out of a pillow, a picture frame and a t-shirt. Alina Bradford. April 28, p. Finish up Remember when using your new desk that the reason your lap gets hot tl because the fan does not have a way to bring cool hiw into the laptop, since your legs block it. Discuss: Make a quick lap desk using a picture frame and a pillow.

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?Ready the frame

Makes it so much easier to work from the couch or while travelling — an essential laptop lap desk. Enter the Lap desk pillow! Just swap the pillow form for a filled bean bag. It really just depends on the feel you want for your lap desk.

I was determined to come up with a no sew method for making my lap desk pillow. I still wanted it to look like a nice box pleat though…. First, I measured the rough size of my laptop on my foam, drew a line with a marker and used a serrated kitchen knife to cut it out. Then I ironed my pillowcase and cut it down all three seams. The next part is fairly simple. I basically wrapped my foam with my pillowcase fabric. The first fold-over, I used fabric fusion glu e to adhere the fabric directly to the foam.

Let that dry and then pull the next side over and secure with sewing pins. Fold up the edges like a present and make sure you can pull the fabric onto the top because that will all get covered up by your desk anyway.

Glue with fabric fusion and pin it to keep it in place. Let it dry like that for about an hour. I saved this part for last in case I needed to tighten things up a bit.

I wanted to have slack to do that. If yours looks okay, you can just leave it unglued. This challenge was all about using a white pillowcase — but it felt really blah to me! I wanted some colour and I was hoping to be able to cover up those ugly side folds in my fabric.

So I grabbed some gorgeous scrap remnant fabric from my stash. I cut it into two strips, each about 2 inches wider than my foam. I ironed each strip and used my fabric fusion again to hem the long sides leaving the short ends un-hemmed for now. Then I pinned and glued it all around the edges of my lap desk to make sure it covered all the ugly. Once that was dry, I attached it to my lap desk pillow using hot glue and a few dabs of Gorilla glue in the centre to give it some good hold.

Maybe you want something that is a little more sturdy and level — for example if you are working from bed or if you need to travel with something that folds up a little more compact.

You might consider adapting this project to either be a bean bag lap tray by swapping the foam for bean bag filling or you might want to make one out of solid wood.

This is totally an easy DIY project that anyone can do. This post contains affiliate links for your convenience. See our full disclosure and privacy policy here. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. This is totally brilliant! I usually just end up using an old binder as my lap desk haha - this is WAY better! This is cute, Erin!

I always blog from the couch and my current lap desk is a throw pillow :. I love that this has a flat surface to set your computer on. Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Pin. Click here to cancel reply.

Erica Dwell Beautiful Thursday 9th of March Giselle Thursday 9th of March So cute and much better than my store bought lap desk! Amy Canary Street Wednesday 8th of March Kristi Mercer Wednesday 8th of March SUCH a brilliant idea Erin! LOVE that floral fabric!

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