How to make a guy climax

how to make a guy climax

Here Are 5 Ways Men Can Have Multiple Orgasms

Nov 14, 7 easy steps to make a man (or someone with a penis) orgasm. really well. Bad kissing chemistry can be a real turn off. Many people think that if you cant kiss, chances are you're going to struggle with a scene. them. funlovestory.comuce some light bondage. a . May 26, Just before his orgasm appears imminent, put your thumb on one side of the base of the penis and the tips of your index and middle fingers on the other side, then squeeze. .

More Goodies. United States. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. No doubt your dude is just happy that you're naked and in his bed. But if you want to give him an orgasm he'll never forget, bust out one or more of these sexy little tricks and watch him melt in what does it mean when a deer snorts at you of you.

Make It Pop. When you're giving him oral, slowly slide your mouth all the way down to the base of his how to make a guy climax use your hand as a mouth extension if you need some assistance.

Then, make a vacuum suction with your mouth as you slowwwwly drag yourself back up. Once you get to the head of his penis, release it from your mouth with a popping noise. Press the Million-Dollar Point.

Ride him in reverse cowgirl, so he gets the great visual of your booty and you get to keep an eye on his boys. Get a Little Sloppy. When it comes to a mouth-love session, saliva is your best friend. Go ahead and spit into your hand licking your palm does the same trick and looks sexier or directly onto his member to get everything really wet. While you're at it, make a show of spreading it around with your tongue. He'll lose it. Go For the Tri-gasm. Stimulating three pleasure points at the same time just as he's climaxing will send him into the sexual stratosphere.

When you sense he's about there, cup his balls gently and press his perineum at the same time. That plus him inside you equals michael jackson learn how to dance erogenous zones being stimulated at onceintense.

Tell Him What to Do. When you sense that he's approaching the point of no return, tell him you can't wait to see him climax and give him a time limit "You have exactly 30 seconds to come". It'll make him crazy. Find the Frenulum. It's a small what are the best hair cutting clippers on the underside of circumcised penisesand it's incredibly sensitive. Use your hand to stroke his penis while sucking on his frenulum if he has one.

Lube up your twins and lie on your back, pressing your breasts together. Have him kneel over you and slowly thrust into your cleavage. Gently lick or suck on the head of his penis while he's doing this. He'll love the visual combined with the sensation.

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Jul 26, Whether hes hairy or smooth, your mans chest is a worth lingering on when journeying down to his penis. If your mans hairy, play with the tufts, gently tugging on them to activate his nerve. Jul 16, Use your hand to stroke his penis while sucking on his frenulum (if he has one). 7 of 7. Lube up your twins and lie on your back, pressing your breasts together. . Make a Man Orgasm - 3 Ways to Make Your Man Ejaculate Fast 1. A great way to make a guy explode is to use specific sex positions that make him ejaculate fast. There are two 2. Another way to make a man orgasm is to dress up for him because men are very visual about sex this works a treat. Go.

By Bella Rouge Jul 26, Now imagine how good doing that feels for him. Body parts featuring lots of hair are open to high levels of stimulation because moving the strands triggers nerve impulses along with the bare skin, so giving him a head massage is a great way to get him aroused. READ: How to incorporate spanking in your sex life. This is partly what makes them so erotic they can be nibbled, sucked, bitten or chewed without causing much, if any, pain.

Men also respond hugely to sound. Veins, as well as a major artery, run relatively close to the surface of the skin in his neck, making it extremely sensitive to your touch. Kiss, gently nibble and lick along the veins, from top to bottom and back up again.

The hairs will stand up on the back of his head and, before long, something else will be also be pricked up. READ: 10 reasons the sex sucks and how to fix it.

Grab them tightly to give yourself leverage during sex, and kiss and bite them. Or take a softer approach with them to get him in the mood. Giving him a massage when he comes home will get him in the mood for proving how manly he is in the sack.

The back has fewer nerve endings than most other body parts but, like the shoulders, this lack of sensation means you can apply different types of touch to it. For total masochists, lightly running a pinwheel over his back, increasing pressure according to his tastes, will be just what he desires.

Run a fingertip from his inner elbow to his wrist on the inner arm and across his palm to his digit. Often neglected during sex, the arms are a worthwhile passion pitstop just try kissing your man on his inner bicep and see how he reacts! Run a fingertip from his inner elbow, along towards his wrist on the inner arm, then across his palm to his middle digit.

With around touch receptors per square centimetre, his fingertips can be highly sensitive, so it makes sense to play with them to get all his senses on heightened alert. Ask him to close his eyes, or blindfold him, then guide his hand over your naked body allowing only his fingertips to touch you.

This will make him really focus on what each part of your body feels like. The fingers also contain temperature sensors, so placing his finger in your warm mouth or somewhere else hot! READ: How to intensify your orgasms. Swirl your fingers around in ever-decreasing circles towards his supersensitive nipples before diving in with your mouth.

Starting at the sensitive sides of his chest, use big ice cream-style licks on his skin, working inwards to his nipples, eventually using just the tip of your tongue. Then blow on his wet nipple this will make the moisture evaporate, sending zingy sensations across his tip. Because of its proximity to his crown jewels, the stomach is a place you should definitely tease.

Licking inside the belly button creates powerful sensations. Instead, move your attention towards the sides of his waist before softly working your way down the grooves that lead from his hip bones to his pubic area. For the most obvious erogenous zone on his body, try something a little different, called The Lemon Squeeze. For a subtler alternative, hold his member firmly with one hand and use the other to thoroughly explore the head.

Rub the sides of his head with the lubed palm of your hand, swirling over and patting the top, and trace the edge of his corona the ridge around the bottom of the head with your fingers. The tissues inside and surrounding the anus can get torn or damaged easily, so trim and clean your nails beforehand or put a condom on your finger.

With him lying on his back, legs bent and facing you, insert your fingertip then gradually press in the full length, with your finger facing you.

Remember to keep it hygienic, though: wash your hands afterwards, before touching your genitals or his. When you go down on him, nuzzle the area with your lips and tongue, or use lube to massage it with your fingers, pressing firmly to stimulate the prostate gland. Similarly to the stomach, the thighs are close enough to his best asset that touching them will put him into anticipation overdrive.

With him sat on the bed or stood before you, kneel between his legs and take your time stroking, kissing and gently biting his thighs. Tonguing his tootsies could be the icing on the foreplay cake for him, and getting them in a state worthy of your attention is as easy as administering an erotic foot massage.

Bathe his feet in warm water mixed with a splash of lemon juice, which helps soften his skin, then scrub, clip, exfoliate and moisturise them. Now go to town. For some guys, seeing a woman with something even vaguely phallic-looking in their mouth can prove arousing, so taking his entire big toe inside your mouth and sucking on it while you make eye contact could be your blow-away move.

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