How to make 2015 best nine

how to make 2015 best nine

How to see your most-liked Instagram photos of 2015 in one epic collage

Dec 30, Well, the end of is nigh, so if you haven't managed to catapult your ~brand~ into Insta-fame yet, you're probably going to have to wait until next year. And Author: Emma Lord. Dec 23, > Best Nine; Best Nine Your best nine Instagram pics from Web App. Instagram. Tech. Tweet Share Embed Operating System: Web.

And what better way to do that than to make a "best nine" on Instagram? If you haven't been seeing the best nine pop up on your dash yet, it's a handy little app that sources all the information from your Instagram posts, figures out which ones got the most likes, and then puts the top nine in a cute little grid.

Now all 11 of my followers and my mom, when she remembers that Instagram is a thing her kids do can admire the nine most-liked bathroom selfies of my year! But what's even cooler is that it doesn't only work for your Instagram feed, but also for anybody else whose information is public. That means you can easily check out Taylor Swift's top nine and live vicariously through the glory of her CatGoals all through the holiday season, or gift a friend by making one for their Instagram feed and surprising them.

In the end, you'll have a photograph that looks a little bit like this, give or take a few pics of an over-excitable blonde hobbit:. Nothing in between.

So how do you make this magic work? When you go to the app's websiteyou'll see a screen like this:. As long as your Instagram ID is public, you should be able to type it right into the search bar.

You're going to get a bazillion weird pop-up ads, but power through, mes amis. The end result will be worth what size engine is in a 2002 dodge ram 1500 when you can post your grid-organized swag all over Instagram.

Plus, you can see how many likes you got in the past year, stack them against the totals of your social-media-savvy Gen Z friends, and internally weep at your inability to filter pics of your shoes on the sidewalk!

Or you can spare yourself the psychological trauma by checking out celeb versions:. By Emma Lord.

Type your Instagram handle into the box and press "GET."

Since bestnine became first public in , there have been about million bestnine pictures created as of December Be sure to make your own bestnine pictures of this year Get your best nine. Dec 31, A simple web-based app called Best Nine can help you out. Created by a team that appears to be based in Japan, the site lets you plug your Instagram handle into Author: Adario Strange. Best Nine The cool thing about Best Nine is that you can use the site for any public Instagram account. Here's what Taylor Swift's top posts looked like in she only got a few.

If your phone camera is essentially an extension of your arm with no latte art or brilliant sunsets going un-'grammed, you are going to want to stop what you're doing right now and learn how to make an Instagram Best Nine for The useful app, which took the Interwebs by storm last year, sorts your Instagram posts by likes, generating an adorable little collage of your top nine pics of the year. Why nine, you ask? Why not the top 10?

It's something of a mystery, but I suspect it's for aesthetic purposes: These photo collages are comprised of three rows of three images each, which creates one perfect little square. Why not share yours with the hashtag bestnine to give your followers a comprehensive vision of your favorite or rather, their favorite moments of the year?

For those wondering how well their posts did overall, the handy web generator also calculates your total number of Instagram likes and number of posts in Luckily, the app gives you the option to share the "original version" and do some subtle social media bragging, or publish the "photo only version" which does not include your total number of likes and posts.

Looking over my top posts from it's clear that I need to put a little more work into my 'gram game. No wonder my likes are a tad anaemic, there's not a single beach legs or furbaby selfie in sight! Pokemon Go, on the other hand So how do you make a Instagram best nine? It's painfully easy and involves approximately zero maths thanks, technology! You can't use the Best Nine app if it's not.

To do this, just go to "Settings," then make sure the "Private Account" switch is toggled to the off position. The picture seen here is what it looks like when the switch is on, so if yours also looks like that, switch it off, stat.

Something to note: The website works on any public profile, so if you're so inclined, you can use it to snoop on the top moments of some of your fave celebs' lives. Depending on site traffic, it may take up to 10 minutes for the app to source your information and create your Best Nine. It usually works pretty fast the app produced my collage in about five seconds. Now behold your beautiful filtered year! Gaze at the glory of your sublime selfies and most-liked meals, and feel free to compare it to some of the top Instagrammers of you know the Kardashians are all over this!

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