How to install coil springs on struts

how to install coil springs on struts

How to Replace Front Coil Springs

Jan 16,  · Push down on the control arm or end of the axle and remove the old coil spring, decompress it (evenly!) and install the compressor on the new spring, compressing it evenly. Install the new spring and raise the jack to reconnect the suspension components you loosened or removed above. Aug 31,  · this video, we'll show you how to transfer parts from your old strut assembly onto your new one - Intro - Attach Compressor.

In the best case scenario this can cause a reduction in your steering control and reactivity. Not long ago I write an article on how to change suspension coils. This companion piece will show you how easy stryts shocks and struts can be. There are typically three ways that a shock absorber can be secured to your vehicle.

The first type has a flange plate on the bottom and a single stem that has bushings and washers. Another type of shock absorber mounting has a large eyehole at the bottom instead of the flange. The third type has large eyeholes at both the top and bottom of the shock utilizing a single large bolt to kn the shock to the vehicle. See image above for representations of these. Block in front of and behind one wheel.

Place the jack and raise the car enough to comfortably get underneath and place jack stands under the frame rails behind the front wheels or in front of the rear wheels and lower the car onto the stands. Make sure you park on a flat and level surface and set the parking brake. On some cars you will need to turn the wheel completely to one side or the other to gain access to the upper mounting location on the upper control arm or frame, while on others the stem pokes through into the engine compartment and is accessed there.

Remove the mounting bolt s from the top of the shock absorber. Drop under the car and remove the lower mounting bolt s and remove the shock absorber through the bottom no the control arm.

From underneath the car, slide the new shock absorber up through the opening in the center of the lower control arm until the lower mount s match es up.

Leave it just a little loose to assist you in securing the upper mount s. Place the jack under the lower ball joint and slowly lift the jack to raise the control arm. Make sure you guide the upper portion of the shock absorber sruts its mounting. Once the mount s line up properly, install the bolts or nuts and tighten them. Torque specifications vary by year and model, but average around 50 foot-pounds.

With the upper mount installed and torqued, tighten the lower mounts. Again, the average torque spec is in the area of foot pounds. These will be the type of shock that has the single stem with the bushings and washers. Strust that is done, you can raise the rear of the car to get underneath it. Just stguts sure to block off a front wheel.

With the rear of the car lifted and properly supported, slide under and remove the lower mounting bolt s. On rear shocks this is usually going to be the large eyehole and single bolt type of mounting, although I have seen the two bolts and flange arrangement also.

However, the cars we turn into drag racers are usually of the former type. Next, position the shock so that the bottom lines up with the mount and the top is pointed towards the upper mount.

Thread stfuts bolts in to the bottom mount, leaving them loose so you can wiggle the shock around if you need to. Secure the upper shock mount and torque it to the proper spec. After doing now other side, lift the car off the jack stands and lower it to the ground.

Struts are tricky. Also mark the locations of the three or four nuts and studs on the strut cap that can be seen on the wheel well. Marked by the arrow in the image below. Now you can remove the three or four nuts found on the wheel well under the hood and set the nuts aside. There may be a boot inside the coil that you will need to lift to gain access.

Just break both of these loose a thread or two to ease their removal later. Place your jack under the lower ball joint and lift howw enough to just support the control arm without raising it. Carefully disconnect any wiring harnesses and slide the brake line clamp off to release the brake line from the bracket.

Remove the nuts on the bolts securing the strut assembly to the steering knuckle. Slowly lower the jack until you can remove the strut assembly. Lay spdings strut assembly on a solid surface and install the strut spring compressor properly.

Double check to make sure it is installed properly. I like to wrap a piece srruts chain with a nut and bolt holding them together around the chain, or a heavy-duty rope for added safety.

Carefully compress the strut coil spring until all coil tension is released from the strut cap. With the nut removed slide the cap and coil off and carefully set both aside. Using those large slipjoint pliers again, remove the strut tube nut and remove the strut cartridge from the strut tube.

Pour any fluid strjts in the tube in a catch pan or bottle to coiil dispose of later. Slide the new strut cartridge into the tube and slide the tube nut over the strut rod or spindle. Thread and tighten the nut. If not, wait until you get it back on the car. Make note of the up and down orientation of the coil, slide the strut coil over the strut assembly.

Next, Slide the strut cap over the strut rod and thread the nut down. Tighten it as much as you can. If you need to, wait to apply final torque until after you have it how to return a parcel. Slide the strut connecting bracket over lnstall corresponding location how to wire atv winch solenoid the spindle and guide the top of how to clear acne breakouts strut the strut cap through the corresponding openings in the fender well.

You may need to use inshall jack to lift the lower control arm enough to seat the top of the strut. Slide the two bolts through the strut mounts, slide the washers in place, and thread the nuts down. Finish guiding the strut cap into place and thread the three or four nuts in place. If you have sstruts eccentrics oblong washers tighten the strut cap bolts to approximately 30 foot pounds.

Lower the car, and move to the other side and repeat steps above to finish the installation portion of this job. The alignment angle known as camber is adjusted either by turning the bolt with the oblong washer on the strut mount, or moving the strut cap around in elongated bolt holes. With the car on the flat and level ground and all the nuts and bolts fairly strits, bounce on the front end a few times to settle the suspension.

If it looks good, tighten everything up. If spprings, turn the camber eccentric bolt on the strut housing or tap the strut cap in or out to correct it. Wear safety glasses. Carefully read through the instructions for the strut coil compressor before attempting to use it.

If what does ipsc stand for spring breaks loose, it can do so with more force than a bullet.

I used to and still used a safety chain. Never perform this how to make origami dollar bill roses of work on stuts slanted driveway or incline. Not only will the angle through the suspension off and not let you get a good indication of the camber, the car could slide off the jack springgs.

Just remember, instalp break it loose a thread or two, do NOT remove it until you have the coil spring fully iinstall. Notify me of follow-up comments by tsruts. Notify me of new posts by email. Email us - [email ztruts. Terms Classifieds Privacy. This is the kind of strut coil spring compressor that I use. It has multiple safety springa and also pivots so it lays down to make working on the strut easier. It's not feasible for most unless you strutts on performing inztall type of repair on a regular basis.

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Jun 20,  · A basic how-to guide on installing suspension coil springs - Super Chevy Magazine. Exclusive Content. Original Shows, Motorsports and Live Events. Try it Estimated Reading Time: 1 min. Aug 18,  · Remove the nuts on the bolts securing the strut assembly to the steering knuckle. Slowly lower the jack until you can remove the strut assembly. Step 4: Compress the Coil Spring. Here’s where it can get dangerous. Lay the strut assembly on a solid surface and install the strut spring compressor properly. Double check to make sure it is installed funlovestory.comted Reading Time: 9 mins.

Last Updated: August 14, References. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. There are 15 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 87, times. Learn more Installing lowering springs refers to the process of customizing your car's suspension, enabling it to ride closer to the ground.

The process is not difficult, so anyone with garage access and a little know-how can accomplish this modification. Since lowering springs are designed to work with your existing factory suspension, they can simply replace your coil springs.

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No account yet? Create an account. Edit this Article. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. By using our site, you agree to our cookie policy. Cookie Settings. Learn why people trust wikiHow. Download Article Explore this Article parts. Tips and Warnings. Related Articles. Part 1 of Choose the right spring for your car.

There are two factors to consider when buying your springs. The first is how much you are willing to spend. Better lower springs can be more expensive. Second, decide how much you want to lower your car. Some springs can lower a vehicle as much as 1. Lowering springs are made to replace coil springs and are not the same as a coilover design. Loosen the lug nuts with a lug wrench tire iron or impact wrench. It is important to remember to loosen, or break, the lug nuts before you jack up the vehicle.

This way the weight of the vehicle is still on the wheels and it prevents them from spinning dangerously while you turn the lugs. Jack up the car. Once the lugs have been loosened, it will be necessary to jack the care up so that the wheels can be removed.

As mentioned above, this should be done on level concrete or some other hard, level surface. Some important things to remember when jacking up the care are: Your service manual will recommend jacking points The most common way to elevate the car is a floor jack, or trolley jack.

You should use jack stands to stabilize the car. A good tutorial on jack stands can be found at Use Jack Stands. If you have access to a hydraulic lift it will save you time. Remove the lug nuts and pull the wheel off of the hub. At this point, the lugs may be loose enough to remove by hand. If not, finish removing the lugs with the lug wrench or impact wrench. Once the lugs are removed, pull the wheel off of the wheelbase.

If you are uncomfortable removing a wheel, read about how to Remove Lug Nuts and Tires. Part 2 of Place the jack underneath the lower control arm. You will need to support this part during the disassembly.

Disconnect the sway bar. The sway bar serves to keep the weight of the vehicle from shifting too much during cornering. It is attached to the lower control arm with bolts that will need to be removed. If the bolts are stuck, try using WD and letting it set before trying to turn them.

There is no need to take it all the way off of the vehicle. Remove the shock absorber. Shock absorbers are often run through the center of the spring and will need to be removed to remove the spring. Remove the upper and lower mountings that connect the shock absorber to the A-arms. Pull it out through the lower A-arm. Use the spring compressor to compress the spring. It is made to go inside the coils and hook onto the spring.

Once it is hooked, you tighten the bolt on the spring compressor and it slowly compresses the spring and holds it. Unbolt the coil spring. Once you have compressed the spring, you will need to check the top and bottom A-arms for any connecting bolts. If any are found, remove them. Separate the ball joint from the lower A-arm. Use a ball joint separator to break the connection. Take out the spring. Now that the components are all loose, slowly release the spring. Loosen the bolt on the spring compressor slowly.

This will allow the spring to expand to its normal size and you can remove it from the vehicle. Take it out through the bottom instead of trying to pull it out through the top.

Take everything off of the spring. Remove any accessories such as insulators that are attached to the spring. Part 3 of Compress the new spring. Compress the new spring with the spring compressor. Just as with the old spring, latch the hooks of the spring compressor onto the spring and turn the bolt.

This will apply the needed pressure to compress the spring. Install spring hardware. Install any accessories that were removed from the old spring onto the new one before installing the spring.

This might include boots or gaskets. Install the spring. Since lowering springs are made to work with your factory suspension, you will just put the new lowering spring in the same place as the old coil spring. Fasten it in the same way as the old coil spring before reattaching other hardware. Use the jack to raise the lower control arm. With the control arm held in place, you will be able to properly align the suspension components that you unhooked during disassembly.

Reattach the ball joints to the control arm. This needs to be done before decompressing the spring. Once the spring is decompressed, it will be its full length and will be in your way for this step. Release the spring compressor. Unscrew the bolt slowly to release the tension held on the spring. It also slowly dissipates the potential energy contained in the compressed spring which can be dangerous if released all at once. Reinstall the shock absorber.

Put it back into place by going up through the lower A-arm. In many cases the shock absorber will fit through the center of the spring as well. Tighten the upper and lower mountings to the specified torque. Reattach the sway bar to the lower A-arm. Make sure to tighten the bolts to the specified torque. This will ensure that weight is distributed correctly during driving.

Part 4 of Re-install wheel. You should slide the wheel back onto the wheelbase and thread the lug nuts on tight enough to hold wheel in place while the car is still on the jackstands.

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