How to install an apron sink video

how to install an apron sink video

How to Install an Apron Sink in a Stock Cabinet

Jul 25, аи How to Install a Kohler Whitehaven Short Apron Sink - - YouTube. How to Install a Kohler Whitehaven Short Apron Sink - Watch later. Share. Apr 20, аи In the first part of this 2-part DIY kitchen remodel project you will learn how to install a farmhouse sink. Check out part 2 on Lowe's YouTube channel: How.

I always wondered if we could do this in our kitchen, so thanks for the tutorial to show how it's done! I'm trying to front load some of the costs of our future kitchen remodel, and a new sink and faucet would be something that I would love to get some use out of now rather than wait for the remodel. Jolie Template designed by Georgia Lou Studios. All rights reserved. Customized and tweaked with love by The Lady Gadget. Theme images by mattjeacock.

Powered by Blogger. Facebook Pinterest Instagram Youtube Twitter. When we first started to plan the new kitchen design, one essential element I knew I wanted to include was an apron front sink. I also knew it was going to be a hard sell to my husband.

He's not a big fan of the farmhouse style, and has openly expressed his dislike for apron how to install an apron sink video. I was planning more of a modern look for the kitchen, and when I showed my husband this stainless steel apron sink from Moenhe could see the vision and agreed. We chose the STo faucet and a modern soap pumpand we were ready to get to work.

As with the rest of the kitchen remodel, the plan was to modify the stock cabinets and not replace them. The particular apron sink we chose is 9" deep, requiring new lower cabinet doors and changes to the face frames.

It sounds daunting, but it really wasn't difficult. Here's how the cabinet looked before. If you don't have some matching boards on hand, don't worry. In the cabinet aisle of Home Depot, you can fins pre-finished boards to match several popular cabinet colors including that gorgeous honey oak. Our particular board already had a dado cut on the backside, so once each side was cut to length, we could easily glue them in place and secure it with finish nails.

At this point, I filled all nail holes and seams, and sanded and prepped for paint. If you aren't wanting to paint, I would recommend using pre-colored wood filler. As I mentioned, lowering the horizontal face frame means I needed to buy new cabinet doors. I found a style that matched my existing doors perfectly from FastCabinetDoors.

After the modifications, I needed two, 16" x 18" doors. Here's how it looks now. Are you ready to install an apron front sink?! Feel free to leave questions in the comments and pin the image below to save the idea for later. I was compensated with product, supplied by Moen Inc. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced. Let's be friends! Follow along, so you never miss a post.

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Placing an Apron Sink

Dec 21, аи Placing an Apron Sink. Training Videos / Placing an Apron Sink. Video No. Apron sinks place as separate fixtures for cabinets and is separate from the cabinet as compared to an under-mount sink. Aug 20, аи Position the tops of the supports even with the level lines. Use construction adhesive and /8" square-drive deck screws to attach the supports. Apply the adhesive first and clamp the supports firmly in place, then drive the screws through the cabinet sides into each Time: 24 hrs. This is how I installed my under-mount apron sink. If you are installing an over-mount sink, your process will be different. The first thing we did was to detach the face frame from the cabinet. Most stock cabinets built in the last 20 years have face frames assembled with pocket holes. To remove the frame, I simply had to unscrew a handful of screws.

An apron-front sink , also called a farmer's sink, brings old-fashioned style to any kitchen. It is known for its large basins and broad, open-front panel. Installing an apron-front sink can be a difficult job due to the weight and support required.

Below are a few tips. Apron-front sinks come in a variety of colors and designs. They are also available in undermount and top-mount models. Undermount models have the top of the sink sit underneath the countertop. With top-mount models, the top of the sink sits level with the countertop. Most kitchen sinks drop into a hole cut in the top of the countertop and are supported by the base cabinets and the countertop.

With an apron-front sink, the sink slides into an opening in the front of the countertop. Its support comes from the base cabinet only. Understand the weight of an apron-front sink can reach several hundred pounds when filled with water. Your base cabinet must be of a material strong enough for supports to be installed that accommodate that weight.

Most manufacturers list the weight of the apron-front sink. To figure the added weight when filled with water, multiply the number of gallons the sink holds by 8. The base cabinet will need to be modified with supports to hold at least this amount of weight. Once you have determined your base cabinet can be modified to accommodate the sink's weight, it's time to take some measurements.

Having the sink on hand will make this much easier. Begin by measuring the width of the sink. Determine if you need to cut the existing countertop for the sink to fit. This is especially important if your countertop is made of stone, where special cutting may be required. Now measure the height of the sink. Use this measurement on the interior of the base cabinet to mark where the supports will go. Use a level line from the back to the front. Attach three supports, two across the sides and one across the back.

Make sure your supports can hold the required weight and are securely fastened to the base cabinet. You can now install the floor. Measure the distance between the side supports.

Now measure the depth of the sink. Use these measurements to cut the floorboard. Select a plywood thickness strong enough to accommodate the sink's weight. If the plywood is too thin, it can crack. Install the floorboard by screwing it to the supports. To cut the front of the cabinet, measure the sink and mark the area to be cut out. A jigsaw can be used to make the cut. Placing painters tape along the edge of the cut mark will protect the cabinet.

To hide the plywood floorboard, a top rail can be cut. Your cabinet doors will also need to be cut to fit between the new top rail and the bottom rail.

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