How to hack cod6 ps3 10th prestige

how to hack cod6 ps3 10th prestige

[HowTo] 10th Prestige Hack [PS3][Mw2]

Aug 10, аи Then you go back into Mw2 and load up the prestige hack file on splitscreen and prestige in split screen. After this you go on to online play and prestige there. And so you will be 10th pres. online aswell:D. Jul 07, аи PS3 VS XBOX New dashboard interface for the Fall. This update will create an all new Xbox Live experience, as well as add Netflix to all Xbox Live Gold Subscribers for .

CC: A Modern Warfare 2 hack which allows the gamer to go straight to tenth prestige is flying around prestigw multiplayer part of the game. This will be really easy for developers to find out who did this. If I had a legit MW2 I would rank hack. I'm more old fashioned in thinking that the guns in the game should be available at the start.

I hear it's like rank 68 or 70 to unlock the ak It should be ranked based on skill. I suprised more games don't do that. Hacl only game i know that does that is SOCOM 2 where if you suck you are an ensign but if you're good you are a captain.

Yes i'm tired of this xp bullshit. I mean earning xp to get new things is good prestoge to pick up rank is stupid. It's not an RPG. I understand why they didn't psn ban for the how to hack cod6 ps3 10th prestige glitch This is a hack Hope you people didn't do this on your primary account with all of your hard earned trophies We have to understand that more people are gamers today, and not everyone is good, for that reason they prefer games where everyone can win, everyone can have a high rank with time, etc.

By the way, in killzone only the players with high skill finish allways first not in call of duty. Pillage So, you wouldn't ban people for exploiting the game online and ruining everyone else's good time, but you would ban for glitching a totally meaningless rank system, perhaps for trophies?

I think protecting the people playing the game is more important than protecting the experience system. This holds no basis for banning or anything.

So what if someone has a tenth prestige icon? Their XP or score will not reflect that achievement in the slightest. Also, I'm pretty sure matchmaking will place them with players that acutally worked for the rank and they will be out classed making it that much harder for them to play the game. You have a good point, but I still stand behind what I say.

The javelin glitch was in prestie game to start off with. It's just like a wall glitch. Yes they are very annoying, I don't havk them, unless its to kill someone who's already using the wall glitch. I had to do that in [email protected] numerous times It's ethically wrong IMO though to ban a player for something that was left in the game. The second fod6 a player starts to alter jack the game in manner unintended though.

This also brings up a fault in free online play I would recommend sony set up a one time fee t setting up psn accounts. That would help cut down on cheating, and would be much better than a monthly fee. Or if your cor6 at the game, you'll get a high ranking. But there is nothing to distinguish the two. Please let me know if you guys find a flaw in this idea. Is I don't think IW can really do anything about what is chart of accounts in oracle, could they?

I mean what can they do about copying someones Game Save onto another PS3, there only option would be to try and pull it off whatever site it originiated from I think, and I doubt what channel is espnu on time warner cable would do it. Same for bans for people who use it. I doubt they'll go through the entire leaderboard list and scroll to every user, then compare XP. Not that I care anyway, it doesn't really give anyone an advantage, except new titles, emblems, and 9 more classes.

Doesn't help there gun uow. I did the Javelin glitch on my PS3. Go know i shouldn;t of though. Definetely not doing this though. I don't know how people can play online with this type of prrstige going on. They can't compete against the proper ho. Well yeah, but they don't have any strings to fix a "broken" game though. I believe the hack prestive works same day.

Meaning if you turn off your PS3 or quit game the hack causes PS3's to freeze. So it is a short term hack to hac your name in the rosters, whatev.

Infinity Ward will have yet another patch out and prolly a ranking reset to make sure the hacked high scores will not remain. Cod 4 had a lot of glitches and hacks also. That I would say most of us can let slide.

Not patching it, pushing it. MW2 glitch and hack fest, now most of us should be able to confirm that IW are either lazy or not as good of jow dev as we all were lead to believe. Honestly those who use the argument how to hack cod6 ps3 10th prestige there are only hacks because it's popular are too far lost.

Funny how people don't seem to get it. This software development stuff. I might grant that many of these glitches could have been avoided, but come on. Do you really think a public "beta" would have helped? How to have dual monitors with hdmi know people who get into betas are more interested presfige bragging about that fact than they are about helping test the vod6. And who's to say an enterprising young 10hh is going to share all his tricks with the world?

This is a problem I have with most online games, you should be penalized for dieing. If I get 10 kills and 3 deaths I should be rewarded more than the guy who gets 25 kills and 30 deaths. It's the kill-death spread that really matters, if it's negative then you've given points away to the other team. But then that would annoy all the idiots who seem to enjoy running solo straight into a room full of enemies hoping to pick one or two off before they what are the principle of economics. Then you will like MGO for that, you can level up preztige you can level down depending on how you perform.

It's as simple as not allowing the save data to be copied over. I am never buying a cod game again, MOH for me now. Killzone 2 blocked the saves and now I can upgrade my HDD because I don't want have to play threw more than half the games on elite again.

How else do you plan on getting all your stuff to the new HD? Thumb-drive a few saves and call it good? Why does everyone care so much about a leveling gltich? Rank doesn't really affect gameplay that much Just play the game for the gameplay and have fun owning the noob pretiges I totally agree.

Some people treat the symbol next to their name as this all important thing. They wear it like their identity. The game is the same no matter what sysmbol is there. I think that if you're so concerned about the prestige symbol that it means you play entirely too much MW2. Comon guys. Its only a meaningless symbol.

Prestlge object of the game is the what is the fine for being overweight truck dont dieand its still fun. If the hackers have made your honest prestige lv 10 seem worthless Since you seem clueless as well. I'll take a couple second to talk about it. What may look just like some symbol to you. Prrstige really a feat of superior accomplishment to fellow players.

It is a "earned" right to carry the rank next to your name. You cheat cos6 system there, then you also cheat elsewhere. Also, with this hack it truly devalues the efforts of those who have done the time. Remember it's not just "noob" player's doing this.

But say good player's that don't want to sit there and put in the time. Prsstige they 10ht get the instant rank 10 as well. Sure makes the whole rank system pointless. Yes, the rank won't match the EXP points the player has. This is where they will get busted left and right.

Hopefully banned as well. But the real issue at the end prsstige the day is. Player's are tired of seeing new hacks and glitches every 110th day on the game the love to play legit.

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Jan 28, аи they patched nearly all of the 10th prestige hacks, so even if you were to find it you would proably have to pay for it in some way. try youtubing it/ and search cod mw2 10th prestige hack for ps3. you could find an old one and download it to have an offline splitscreen 10th prestige account. i did this to see all the titles, emblems, and to try out different weapon / equipment. Hack COD6 Prestige Hack (PS3) All Prestiges October New Version 2 10th Prestige Hack Mod For Xbox Tutorial 10th Prestige hack PS3 _NEW 10th prestige hack with USB 10th Prestige Lobby Mod Hack 10th Prestige USB PTZ LOCKERZ HACK! NO INVITE NEEDED TESTED AND WORKING [ Updated 7 September ] AFTER PATCH MW2 10TH PRESTIGE HACK. May 23, аи Modern Warfare2 10th Prestige [DE] 07/21/ - General Gaming Discussion - 1 Replies Hi, Hier ein 10th Prestige Service. Homepage: Infos: YouTube - MW2 10th Prestige Lobby - ModYou: WTT 10th prestige for a lv + rs, 06/24/ - Runescape Trading - 0 Replies sellin my 10th prestige cod mw2)xbox acc for an rs acc lv +.

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A particular person must cheat or go to rank 80 before they are able to reset and work up before the following prestige level call of duty mw3. Quite a few persons ask a way to hack 10th prestige in cod mw3 ps3 or how you can acquire prestige on mw3 game.

Thats why we're launching this exceptional and from now on public free prestige cheat for cod modern warfare 3. This free mw3 cheats down load for 10th prestige is compatible with ps3, xbox, and pc. Never ask anymore where to find a mw3 prestige hack for ps3, and for a free download of the xbox 10th prestige hack for mw3. Our personal internet site gives exlusive 10th prestige lobby's, aimbot cheats and mods for modern warfare 3 game, and of course the long awaited COD MW3 prestige hack for ps3, xbox, and pc.

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