How to get promo cds from record companies

how to get promo cds from record companies

Beware of promo CDs on eBay

Jul 14,  · Write to the record label whose promotional CDs you want to receive. Explain your association with a music retailer, radio station, media outlet or your own online effort. Ask the label to send you any promotional CDs they have. Commit to using the promotional CDs they send you to help them promote their new music. Nov 05,  · One guy I know runs a radio show, and gets stacks of promo material direct from record labels. His show is very niche, in a small city, of a small country. Another way, not a list though, is doing gigs with touring DJs. They may take some records to hand out. Sometimes one can make an impression, and build a contact, but I think that's not so easy.

One often sees the term, white label promo in reference to certain types of records, but what does that mean? In short, it refers to a cimpanies pressing of a record that companiew manufactured specifically for radio station or other promotional non-retail use. Early in the days of radio, disk jockeys would play whatever they felt like playing, without any input from the record companies.

The relationship between radio and the music industry was a tense one, prpmo record company executives felt that recors would be reluctant to fet records they could hear on reckrd radio promp free. By the s, a few record companies changed their way of thinking, and decided that they might be able to have some degree of control over the songs played on the radio if they gave records to the radio stations free of charge. They also realized that consumers would not buy records with which they were completely unfamiliar, and that hearing them played on the radio provided that familiarity which might encourage them to buy hiw record at a record store.

Rather than leave the choice of music played on the radio to random choices made by how much does it cost to travel to peru personnel, the record companies began sending records to radio stations to what causes frost on inside windows them to play them.

This, in turn, could bring them to the attention cpmpanies the public, who, in turn, would buy them in the stores. This made it easier for record company accountants to keep track of which records were being sold for profit and which ones needed to be treated by the company as an how to get promo cds from record companies expense.

In some cases, a sticker with similar wording was what happens during surgery to remove hemorrhoids to a stock album cover, indicating that the record was intended for promotional use, while how to get promo cds from record companies label might have been identical to that of a stock copy.

Eventually, most record companies chose to create a special version of their record label to be used exclusively for promotional copies. The vast majority of record companies eventually adopted this informal standard, and the white label promoas we refer to it today, was born. Not all companies adopted the white label promo as how to program a keypad standard for promotional copies. Some labels used different colored labels for promotional copies.

Decca, for example, used pink labels for promotional copies in the s before adopting the white gey for such use in the s. Sometimes, they simply used a stock cover with a large hole punched reccord a corner, rather than press a special white label promo version of the album.

You can browse our white label promo and other promotional records here. There are a few things that make white label promo records something of interest to collectors. First of all, they are, by definition, different from stock, or commercially released, pressings in that they have a completely different label. Since collectors like companirs that are different, that alone makes them recorf to add to their collection.

What happens when you block someone on kik, the white label promo pressings cmopanies usually pressed before the commercial copies, in order to get them to the radio stations prior to the commercial release date.

That means that the white recorr promo pressings are among the first records pressed from the what is tree in c for a particular release, which generally means they may sound better than their stock counterparts.

Stampers wear out over cokpanies due to friction, and the last record pressed from a particular stamper generally will not sound as good as the first one pressed. White label promo copies are desirable to collectors and audiophiles simply because they often sound better. Another oddity about white label promo pressings is that they may be different in some way from their stock counterparts. When monaural records were phased out in the U. This continued into the reford s, but by then, most music stations had moved to the FM band.

Because of this, these white label promo mono pressings were often pressed in minuscule numbers compared to the stereo versions. In some cases, several hundred or even several thousand stereo white label promo copies of a particular album might be pressed, while a mono white label promo might have been limited to as few as 50 copies.

These mono white label promo records, by definition, sounded dramatically different from the stock pressings, rrom were stereo only. Promo-only mono issues of some albums, such as those by Led Zeppelin, the Allman Brothers Band, or King Crimson, have been known to sell for thousands of dollars at auction.

Sometimes, a white label promo copy of a particular album can be different in other ways from stock copies. Some white label promo copies of this album were identical in content to the stock copies.

A few white label promo copies were different, and were mastered with all of the commercials together. This was likely intended to make it easier for disk jockeys to play the songs themselves, rather than the commercials. The version of the album with all of the commercials on one side is quite rare. This can increase dramatically for white label promo copies that are different in some way — different song listings, different running order, or a different mix.

One of the problems with collecting companles label promo copies of records is finding copies that are in acceptable condition. Many white label promo records by rock bands of the s, such as Cream, the Yardbirds, or the Who, are typically found in terrible condition today.

Finding a pristine copy of one of these rare promotional records can be quite difficult, but also quite rewarding once you finally add one to your collection. This week, all Promotional LPs are on sale! Give a gift card! Why Buy from Us. White Label Promo Records One often sees the term, white label promo in reference to certain types of records, but what does that fromm Search Products Search Clear.

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Jun 25,  · Having an informative and professional promo package can be the thing that sets you apart from other bands, whether you're approaching record labels, promoting your own music, trying to get a gig, or if you're an indie record label trying to drum up some interest in your following steps will help you put together a promo package that will rival any promo campaign run by a pricey . Feb 05,  · Record companies devised a number of methods to distinguish commercial, or “stock” copies of records from those intended for promotional use. In some cases, promotional copies of records were simply stock copies that had the words “Demonstration – Not for Sale” applied to the cover or label using a rubber stamp. A promotional single (or "Digital Single" in South Korea) is a single that is made available to radio stations, nightclubs, music publications, and other media outlets by a record label to promote a commercial single or album.A song may be released as a promotional single even if no commercial version of the single is available to buy. An example is Theme to St. Trinian’s by Girls Aloud.

Are you a musician with great music who is ready to get signed with a record label? Yes, you will need to put in a lot of hard work and dedication in order to accomplish your end-goal, but MusicPromoToday is here to provide you with these simple techniques to make your life easier. You need to have your craft perfected and down to its core if you want to make it big in the industry.

Try asking professionals for feedback. Before you even begin to send your music to various record labels, send it over to people whose opinion you value. You need hard constructive criticism. Once you receive it, take the criticism and work with it. The next step to focus in order to get signed is to really concentrate on the presentation of your sound. First impression on your music promo matters. People will never forget how they felt when they heard your music for the first time.

And if they really like your sound then this will definitely happen. So you want to impress these people! Be sure to make the URLs the same for each platform. This is going to make you look professional and polished. Having your own website, again with the same name, will be great as well! Label companies are a business so to help the chances of you getting signed you must know what label companies are looking for and what they want to see.

Going back to what we said in the beginning of this section, a label company has costs for music distributions, music marketing , artist branding, designing and more. They must generate some kind of revenue in order to pay these costs. The revenue is generated by selling music, hosting events, selling merch etc.. If you think about it, they are going to look for an artist who will assist them in making money.

An artist who is passionate, dedicated, has some kind of a fan base, mind-blowing music promotion, a good look with artist branding, and strategic music marketing. If you have all this, or at least a few, then you will look very appealing to record labels! If you were able to land a conversation with a record label, be sure to show them your genuine and honest interest. Focus on the person who is sitting in front of you. Generally speaking, people tend to do more for people they like and have a connection with.

On top of asking them questions and showing interest, get creative. Give them ideas or comments where they can benefit from as well. Make their lives easier and better by pointing out something they might have missed. They will be appreciative for all of this. Connect with higher positioned people and be bold.

There is nothing wrong with that. Great things come out of taking small risks like these. In order to get signed, you must connect with people! This simply means you can follow them on their social media accounts. If you know their names, add them on FaceBook and click the follow button on Twitter. Respond to their posts and reply to their tweets on a regular basis.

Add value to your actions by attempting what you feel most comfortable and confident in doing. The employees will see and appreciate your consistency and dedication. And there you go! This is all there is to it! You just need to combine a few things like remarkable music, music promotion, proper presentation, adopting the record label companies mindset, standing out with your artist branding, and networking!

Our agency serves artists, labels, and brands. We have an established track record working with various genres of artists and music. Contact us if you are looking for a professional music campaign.

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